What if client wants to change a signed photography contract? - Contract amendments

May 16, 2022

Client's wanting to make changes to contracts is nothing new, and often, a bit tedious. It's not always a bad thing, though: A Client decides they want to remove products and lower the price of the package: Ugh! Client wants to add on additional products and services plus pay you more: Yay!

Either way, you have some work to do, photographer friend!  Let's determine the type of change, if we are going to allow and how to legally protect yourself!

There are three major types of contract changes you need to be aware of, all of which can occur for a myriad of reasons.

3 Major Types of Contract Changes:



-Payment and Services Terms

So, a client wants to make a change to the contract. What do you, as the photographer, need to worry about? What do you need to do, considering what you want to do business wise? Let's look at the process:

The Process:

-Identify what client is specifically requesting

-Decide what you want to do for your business - allow or not

-Determine what legal changes need made to existing services contract 

-Make the changes

 Now that we know the how and the why clients would want to make changes to a contract, we also have to ask ourselves: what's the purpose of having an Amendment Document? Well, there are many reasons to have one, so let's list a few!

Why To Have An Amendment Document:

-Puts everything in writing and sets expectations

-Avoids potential miscommunications

-Identifies which numbers of changes to allow for continuity in legal protection

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