Using Twitter Effectively for Your Photography Business

Jul 18, 2012

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®


A lot of individuals have Twitter. It has quickly become an awesome tool for photographers and other self employed individuals. Many of us use Twitter for a variety of different reasons, but here are  a few tips to approach it from a business perspective.


Tweet Regularly

Be effective by posting at least a few times per week. You can even schedule your tweets by using apps such as HootSuite. Avoid over tweeting. Posting too often can easily turn your followers off.


Be Personal

No one likes following someone who only posts about their business. People want to get to know you. Being personal will help them relate to you better.


Tweet Your Work

Show off what you’ve got! Your work is art, so share it with your followers. Try posting DIRECT links. That way your followers don’t have to click on two or three different links in order to view your work!


Post Interesting Tweets

You’ve got 140 characters to capture your followers attention. Think of this as your headline. Post content that will grab your followers focus and lead them to your links and/or images.


Personalize Your Profile

You can personalize your profile by linking to your website, writing a quick one liner about yourself or having a profile picture of you - instead of your work. These are all fantastic ways to personalize your account. Remember, people are interested in getting to know you!


Be Yourself

It’s all about branding. You own your own business, therefore YOU are your brand. So be yourself. Be honest, open and loving. Show a genuine interest in your followers and they’ll respect you and your work that much more.

Thanks to Ashlyn Dawson for today’s blog post!



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