Top 6 podcasts for photographers

Apr 3, 2024


Podcasts have taken the Internet by storm. The accessibility of creating one has lowered the barrier of who can create and publish – and with that comes a lot of podcasts that aren’t necessarily that interesting or of good enough quality to spend your precious educational time on.  I’ve done some digging and pulled up some of my favorite podcasts to help your photography businesses.  

None of these are a paid placement; they are just a nice little shout-out to people who I think are producing quality content and helping to raise the bar in the photography industry.

I encourage you to make a standing calendar appointment weekly so you can sit and learn. Take in this free content.  Write down notes. Make plans. Act on it.

Note: I tried to link to their website directly as many of these podcasts are available on a variety of platforms.


The Real Biz Talk Podcast with Rachel Brenke

Of course, I can’t leave this list without including my very own podcast.  I am thrilled that at launch YOU guys got it to #6 on the iTunes charts! Every episode is a quick bite of targeted content to help you grow your business, even on the busiest of days.   You can soak up information on the way to the grocery store or in the school car pick-up line. The goal is to grow your business in 10 minutes an episode.


WordPress Photography Podcast

Co-hosts, Scott and Rachel present this podcast for photographers looking to learn and do more with their WordPress websites.  Conversations are tailored to making WordPress more than a tool and more of a part of your photography business.


The Goal Digger Podcast

 Jenna Kutcher presents a fun podcast that is a live workshop style for creative girl bosses (but men totally can learn from it too!).  These are deep dives of content in a conversational format but are full of great educational knowledge instead of the many interviews we hear that are so superficial.


The Life Boss

Christine Tremoulet is probably one of my favorite people in the photography industry.  She seems meek and mild but she’s a huge boss when it comes to business.  Side note: She helped to name WordPress. Yes, she’s hot stuff and has great knowledge.  Her Life Boss Podcast focuses on story strategies and building your business brilliantly with confidence.  Trust me, no fluff just good stuff here.


The Business of Photography – Sprouting Photographer

Named best business podcast in their first year of launch, Sprouting Photographer is hosted by Bryan with stellar information specific for photographers who are seeking to grow their business to success.  Published weekly, you definitely want to carve out time to dig into the business side of content with Bryan.


The Six Figure Photography Podcast

This is another photography-focused podcast that can help each of you.  With topics on marketing, improving photography, and business tips, Ben Hartley is engaging to listen to and before you know it – you’ve learned tons!


Now, go get educated! And if you want even more education on running your photography business, check out LegallyLegit! 




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