Review: Laura Seibert’s New Family Photography Workbook

Jun 6, 2014

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This review is for Laura Seibert’s New Family Photography Workbook: Get Real!
Laura has not sponsored this post but she did provide the books for review.  


The Deets

Do you dread shooting families? Or do you love shooting families but feel stuck in a rut creatively?

Do your family images seem too “forced” or “cheesy”?

Do you feel like a sparrow in a hurricane at family sessions involving lots of kids?

Want to learn how to capture authentic emotion, in any kind of environment?

Want to learn how to shoot a family session with lots of variety in less than an hour?

Want your clients to feel relaxed, have FUN and be grateful that it didn’t take long at all?

If you answered “Oh heck YEAH” to any of the above, then this workbook is for you! From intermediate newer photographers to seasoned professionals, our workshops have been helping photographers do all of the above since 2009. Many people have expressed interest in attending workshops over the years but I haven’t made it to their city or they have been unable to travel. The information from the workshops has been broken down into smaller “digestible” workbooks for you to study at your leisure in your own home.

First up: Outdoor Family Interaction. This 40 page workbook is designed to help photographers connect with their clients to bring out the authentic, emotional connections between the family members. Learn how to make the entire family session fun and exciting for ALL family members, finish in under and hour and leave your clients with breathtaking images to cherish for generations.


The Review

#1 Managing Time

one of the goals of the workbook is to help photographers stay under one hour for shooting which is a huge thing I teach with those that are looking to be purposeful in shooting and reduce amount of time shooting.  Families, especially kids, are tired at about 35/40 minutes – so to get to an hour sometimes is hard – going beyond that can be down right exhausting for the family plus leave photographers will so many extra images to cull and process.  More time spent = more money lost = more potential overwhelming of client with gallery presentation. So the 1 hour goal Laura teaches really struck home with me!


#2 Client’s need direction

Even in lifestyle/ relaxed posing.  I love that Laura teaches traditional posing to help guide the client but is able to pull out intimacy and AUTHENTICITY to the interactions of the subjects.  Not just saying “okay interact and laugh” and then the Clients feel super weird.


#3 Settings

All images are paired with settings to help you get a feel for how to achieve the different looks technically on top of the posing and directing information she has provided.



One aesthetic thing that I’m torn on is the fact that these books come physical over PDFs for download.  I LOVE the tangible feel of holding something in my hands and to take on location to try – at the same time I’d also like to have a back up PDF version just in case little hands or coffee gets on it!


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