3 Productivity hacks for photographers (video)

Feb 5, 2015

Topic: Productivity
Time Investment: 8 Minutes
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I wanted to give you just three quick productivity hacks you can use this week and implement into your schedule. You can get more in a less amount of time or same amount of time I mean overall we only have 24 hours so let’s hang tight and check them out.

So we all only have 24 hours, that kind of levels the playing field right?


Check out these three quick productivity hacks for photographers by Rachel Brenke -TheLawTog.



Everyone has completely different life circumstances some have kids, some have a full time job, whatever it is in your life that is on your productivity, you probably can’t get rid of, I mean kids maybe? Corporate job? Depends on who you are and what your life circumstance is. The majority of us just can’t get rid of our other responsibilities or don’t want to. So we want to get into some productivity tips that can really help us. One of the things that I really strongly recommend is that you guys have everything digitally.


Have everything digitally

I know I always harp on this that digital contracts are the way to go but this is so important. This can be for everything from a template in emails, canned responses to clients that you are going to personalize. Have everything at your fingertips that is just a drag and drop. One of my favorite ways to respond to emails is through responses I will put in there ahead of time so that all I have to do is respond back and say “Hey Megan thanks so much for inquiring about your (fill in blank) session” ‘text expander’ fill in the rest which includes the whole process on how to get booked which also is included in linking her to a booking page and all this other information. Then I can dedicate those next few minutes to just filling out the rest of the email that is personalized and getting in and honing in on what that client really wants and needs so that we can get booked. That’s the first thing – be as digital as possible. Text expanders in emails, have a booking page on your website, have digital contracts, and digital invoicing. Clients will appreciate it and you will appreciate it even more.


Shut social media off

The second productivity hack seems so funny. Shut social media off. It is a time suck and a half. If you need to, go out and find some systems that allow you to post to social media for you. Some of my favorite are ‘Buffer App’ there is also ‘CoSchedule’ and ‘Meet Edgar’ that are available. This will keep you in the online presence in front of your audience and your inquires and clients without having to sit by and post every single day. This way you can have dedicated times. There is even some programs out there that can lock out all the social media sites on your web browser while you work. I haven’t gone that far but you could if you wanted to. So the second productivity hack is to stay off of social media because it’s a time suck.


Keep a running list of things to do

The last thing is when you get to your office in the morning. Whether it’s your bed or an office that you have or your living room couch, wherever it is that you’re able to work. Make sure you have a running list that you’ve kept. In fact I have a book that I keep with me at all times that also goes through all of the things that I need to do. I have a global list and a local list. The global list is stuff that I want to do long term. If I have some extra time, I can quickly pull it out and start targeting it. A local list is what I need to get done that day so I don’t spend the time BSing around and trying to figure out what I need to do. Right then I can sit down and figure out what I need to do to start working.

A perfect example of this is keeping a running list of different information that I want to put out to my clients. Whether its blog posts or being an update to the website if I think of those, if I am driving. I keep this book in my purse and I pull it out at the red light and I will quickly write in what I need to have so when I sit down next time, I can pull it out and write really quickly.


So that’s my 3 quick productivity hacks so you guys are able to really get in and maximize the same amount of time that we all have, so we can edge out the competition and be able to be successful and happier in the balance of life and business. So now you are on your way to being more productive so head on over to thelawtog.com and get signed up.  You can download a free contract and I also have other productivity hacks and business balancing tips to help you to succeed this year.


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