Lock in Total Brand Protection for Photographers

Jun 20, 2021

Topic: Intellectual Property
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: DIY Copyright & Trademark


Now that we’ve talked about how to achieve total brand protection in the past few posts, It’s time for a review. Don’t worry, there isn’t a quiz or anything.

First, it’s important to remember the three keys to owning your brand:

  • Owning your assets through appropriate contracts with brand asset creators (logo designers, content writers, videographers, brand kit developers, etc.)
  • Obtaining copyright registrations
  • Applying for trademark(s) 

Now, what’s copyright registration again? And why is it important? Copyright registration is obtained from the US Copyright Office to protect things like logo designs, written content, photographs, and marketing videos (plus way more). It serves as a public record of who owns the content, and you get a lot of benefits when someone infringes on your copyright which helps you defend your work and get monetary compensation.

And don’t forget trademark registration! It offers protection through the US Patent and Trademark Office for source indicators like business names, logos, and slogans that are connected to a specific business offering specific goods/services. Having a registered trademark prevents others from profiting off your name by using something similar and confusing your customers. If any type of infringement on your mark does happen, a registered trademark helps you bring an end to those uses quickly.


We hope you have a better understanding of what brand protection looks like, but don’t let our flawless explanations fool you into thinking you should go solo on this. All these elements are extremely important to get right.


Start OWNING your brand with our DIY course here.


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