I am not the Walmart of photographers

Jan 18, 2012

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I wrote a blog post that was spurred out of frustration for the industry, hurtfulness of a strangers comment, and my desire to attempt to inspire others.  I received GREAT feedback, but I also received backlash from it. In fact, one of the great features of my blog allows me to see where my traffic comes from. Someone had posted a link to my article (which I thank you for the exposure), but some of the comments on the forum were less than inspiring and some were downright hateful about me. For that, I regret. But I don't let that outweigh those that I have reached and encouraged.

Since then I have added the following update I wanted to share with you:

Since this post, I took my own advice. I also listened to the many love notes AND hate mail I received.  I've never been an individual to sit blindly by and not state the obvious, while I should often balance the need to talk with the need for people to hear. I'm glad to hear there was such a great feedback on this post. But I did want to let you know that I took my own advice. I pulled myself up into a higher pricing bracket. Higher quality products. Customer Service. Everything. My goal for 2012 is to push myself harder, rather than sit back and be upset. I am no longer upset when people tell me I'm too expensive.

Instead, I've taken it as an opportunity to refer someone that is actively learning the industry and business to them. The pricing may match better between client and photographer. This action also assists that photographer in gaining experience, and the client gets photographs. *Of course this is done wisely*.

My intentions are always to help others and the industry as a whole. I apologize to anyone who felt that this was a slam - in fact, I was slamming myself! If you know my history (click here to read), you'll know that in the beginning I was one of those not learning the craft, undercutting the competition, and doing a great disservice to my fellow photographers as well as the art of photography.  Maybe I've earned the right to have these feelings, maybe not. We all pay our dues and continue to do so, but I thank those that have stuck by me since reading this and have out poured endless encouragement. I hope to pour out the same encouragement to all of you!

Thank you all for your support with this post and I look forward to a fabulous year!


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