How to Protect Your Social Media Ass(ets)

Nov 2, 2022

A social media manager and a copyright lawyer walk into a courtroom... 

There's no punchline. It almost happened to me.  And it CAN happen to you!

 Y’all are not gonna believe this sh*t. 👀

If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know that I preach on legalities of business so that you can spend time, money, and energy on creating a real business to live your real life and not have to deal with legal 💩 and lawyers…..

…so imagine MY surprise when *i* almost ended up sued for copyright infringement.

 Here’s the cliff notes (y’all too young to remember those?!) …

… recently I hired a social media management company to help facilitate content so I’m freed up to do videos and 1:1 coaching for y’all.
💻 In the initial call I ASKED this company if they understood legalities. And outlined that we can’t use images or music without licensing ESPECIALLY CELEBRITY IMAGES.
But, butter my butt and call me biscuit... in yesterday's review of content this “expert” social media company (charging a PREMIUM, might I add) believed the following actions were okay……
... screenshot from a famous reality tv show
... using any music on instagram bc my account “has access to it”
🔥 that’s not how this works at all.
So imagine: Me, copyright lawyer, being sued in federal court because someone I paid and trusted as a self-proclaimed expert understood the legalities. It’s a good thing I (my team) caught it before it hit social media.
⏰ Honestly, Idk why I’m even shocked. I represent y’all all the time defending when a social media company or web designer screws yall. I represent y’all all the time when others take your images.
GET your legal sh*t together. Do the right thing. I have podcasts. Courses. Reels. tik tok. There’s no reason you can’t have this knowledge.
Because I am devoted to protecting you, I'm taking this disaster and turning it into resources for you! 

Is your TikTok Illegal?

Blindly following Marketing Coaches will get you sued.

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Educational courses:
Enroll now to Legally Cover Your (Social Media) Assets.  
We'll discuss basic marketing legalities, how to verify if an image/audio can be used in SM and how to properly license an image/audio for SM.

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