How to offer commercial licensing to portrait photography clients

Apr 11, 2022

Topic: Commercial Licensing
Time Investment: 32 Minutes

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 Commercial photography, licensing and copyright ownership are overwhelming yet very-needed-to-know legal tools for your photography business.  Whether you're a full-time commercial photographer or a portrait photographer, you should be aware of these ins-and-outs so you can offer commercial licensing options...or at a minimum know your legal financial basis when someone commercially infringes on your photographs!

After this video you will be ready to:

  • understand the difference between print release and commercial use licenses
  • what to do if your portrait client asks for a commercial license
  • be able to offer commercial license up-sells or marketing cross-sells to portrait clients
  • how to develop a financial basis for a copyright infringement demand  
  • how to "eat the elephant" of photography business legalities...strategically
  • and more!

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