How do I write a wedding photography contract?

May 21, 2019

Topic: Wedding Contracts 
Time Investment: 5 Minutes 
Suggested Product: Wedding Resources, All-in-One Contract Bundles


Having written agreements with your clients creates legal protection for both parties, outlines expectations and provides customer service.

You should never go into any photography session, especially a wedding, without some written documentation.  While we recommend use of an attorney and/or TheLawTog's "already done for you" contract template forms, you are the owner of your you should have the knowledge of what goes into it.

No matter what. We don't recommend using a contract without lawyer review.

You don't want to hurt your business! That defeats the point!

These are minimum key points to include in a wedding photography contract include:

  • Name of the client(s) - typically this is the couple but not always!
  • Address of the client(s)
  • Legal name of your photography business and entity
  • Address of your photography business
  • Description of the services and/or products to be provided
  • The amount and method of compensation in exchange for services and/or products
  • Location(s) details - date, time and venue(s)
  • Signatures of client(s)
  • Signature of photography business representative

There are a host of other provisions that TheLawTog - the legal resource for photographers- recommends for full protection. This list is a bare minimum of what should be included in a wedding photography contract.

If you don't want to go at it alone, jump into our shop and take a look around. TheLawTog's team of lawyers and photographers have drafted wedding photography contract templates.  We are proud to be the go-to of the photography industry.

We provide these lawyer-drafted, instant-download templates but honestly our goal is to get the industry protected. So whether you buy from us or not, we encourage you to sit down with a local contracts lawyer to draft your wedding photography contract.  This, combined with the template descriptions in our shop, are a good starting point checklist that we are happy for you to use!


Here is a wedding photography contract checklist that we recommend:

  • non-refundable retainer (with liquidated damages language)
  • payment schedule
  • late fees for late or missed payments
  • pre-wedding consultation preference
  • cancelation of wedding date
  • rescheduling of wedding date
  • photographic materials included/defined
  • artist right and discretion for images
  • copyright and reproductions (whether selling digitals or not)
  • client usage of images
  • social media usage from photographer social media pages
  • safe working environment
  • cooperation of clients and guests
  • exclusive photographer clause
  • failure to perform
  • substitute/backup photographer
  • incorporation of standard price list
  • meals provided for photography team
  • breaks provided for photography team
  • venue guidelines and responsibility of client
  • completion schedule
  • travel and overage fees
  • indemnification
  • and other legal miscellany!


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