5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing

Jun 4, 2012

Topic: Marketing
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  BizRevamp®

You’ve got the website, the fancy logo and a solid portfolio but you’re hearing crickets. You know you need to market but your budget is limited. While you’re marketing on a budget make sure you’re maximizing the investment, big or little.  Marketing is like a big boulder. It’s hard to get it going (or know what to do to get going) but once you do, it’s easier to keep that ball rolling than to let it stop and start all over.

Commit to marketing. Make a plan and get the most out of it.


Put yourself in the path of your clients

Marketing is a contact sport. It is active. You are in control. Passive marketing does. not. work. A very vital part of the marketing plan is targeting the right customer.  On top of that, to ensure a budgeted but high impact marketing, put yourself in the path of those clients. Who are they? Where do they shop? What are their hobbies?


Identify where your clients are coming from

When you get an inquiry do some market research. ASK  your client where they heard about you. Without knowing the source of marketing, you are flying blind in your marketing plan.  Identifying these areas will allow you to hone in on the marketing techniques you use and reinvest costs to be more effective.


Follow up

When your marketing does work and brings people in, continue it. Follow up. Thank them. Use your customer service to drive home how passionate you are about your business and committed you are to them.  This will increase reputation and favor with clients but will also work as a FREE marketing tool and keeping the ball rolling.


Ditch the marketing efforts that aren't working

Don’t jump on board for marketing techniques that work for XYZ Photography across the country from you. Not every market is the same. Ditch the areas that aren’t working.  No sense in wasting money when there is no return on the investment.


Use multiple marketing channels

Marketing is like the stock market. Don’t put all of your budget into one area, spread it around.  A good variety includes online advertising, social media outlets (free!), business card dropping, and facilitation of business owner relationships.


The great thing about being your own boss, you choose your own destiny.  Don’t rely on a random Facebook status or tweet to bring in clients.  Be purposeful in your planning and execution. You CAN do this!


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