FAQs: Business Insurance

Mar 25, 2022


Some of the most common photography questions are about insurance.  Below you will find helpful articles that will help you!

6 Insurance Types Photographers Need
When you spend your time, money and energy into building a business – you need to make sure that you are protecting what you’ve built. Insurance isn’t just one thing. There are different types and you need to know what types of coverage you need and why. We break down how to figure out what types of insurance you need and the questions you need to ask! Let's "insure” you  

Health Insurance for Photographers 101
Standard, 9-5 desk jobs have employer-provided benefits that independent opportunities don’t, and when it comes to  buying something like health insurance, photographers are often left with a lame-duck binary choices: are you feeling risky or are you feeling risk-averse? Here we discuss how to sign up, tips for finding the right plan and even the tax deductions that come along with select  health insurance plans!

Sales tax, insurance, business licenses oh my!
This article answers questions commonly asked about running your photography business. As the title suggests, we discuss everything from sales tax to business licenses and even marketing!

5 Legal Things Every Wedding Photographer Needs
Events such as weddings are a “can’t-redo-it” event as there is great monetary and logistic investment (read: getting all family together in one place) on the part of the client.  As a professional photographer, it is imperative that we are on-point to capture the day and fulfill the agreement to the client. Let’s take a look at the key legal things you need to help protect you and keep you on the road to success!

5 Things Small Biz Owners Can Learn From Hurricane Harvey
We share this article to shed light on some real-life actions entrepreneurs can take to minimize these harmful impacts devastations in the future. Take these action items into mind, whether you live in a “hurricane” location or not. Destruction, devastation, death, divorce, disability. All of this can happen to you no matter where you live. Make sure you’re (somewhat) prepared.

How to Legally Partner Up in Photography
The business world and the legal world are filled with acronyms that can be a big headache to attempt to navigate. As a business owner, you probably already know the basics, but as your business grows you may be faced with a number of decisions and options dealing with some of the lesser-known acronyms. What are the options and what will work for you?

Get Legit Education 
Join us for the most unique subscription in the photography world - Get Legit Membership.  In this one-stop exclusive education platform, we havecompiled all the core things you need to know into one place for "getting legit".

Is your photography business prepared?
If you want to make sure your photography business survives the unexpected, you need to do some work before anything happens that causes you to lose it all. Prevention is much easier and usually cheaper than trying to clean up a mess! Let’s get you ready for the unexpected!


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