COVID-19 Legal Timeline

Dec 21, 2020

Topic: Pandemic Protection, Covid-19
Time Investment: 6 minutes
Suggested Product: Covid-19 Legal Document Bundle


Trying to navigate through the impact of COVID-19 can be overwhelming. This is where we come in to help you. We have created a timeline to help you navigate the extra steps you should be taking during COVID-19 in addition to your existing client workflow.

Before we dig into the timeline, understand that this may vary depending upon where you live and specific business policies.


Doing Business Procedures

Before engaging in business, we need to identify local government mandates and CDC advisements.   We also have a reopening checklist video for view, as well as a guide to help you do business.


Prepping Your Social Media Platforms & Website

One of the easiest and most efficient way to educate your clients on new procedures is to post a routinely updated COVID-19 Procedures Notice on your social media platforms and your website.  This not only works to inform your clients and bolsters their confidence in you, but also provides some legal support should an issue arise.

Information to include:

  • cleaning procedures
  • requirements of day-of questionnaires (see below)
  • space & mask requirements for staff
  • space & mask requirements for clients


Booking the Client

Photographing during the time of COVID-19 is similar to non-COVID time - just with some additional required documents. Assure your clients that these items are not to create more "work" for them but to assure their safety as well as your own.


Day of Photographic Event

On the day of the photographic event you may be so focused on the work to be done that you forget about safe guards. Here's the quick day-of checklist for you.

  • Verify no changes have been made in governmental orders
  • Verify no changes in CDC recommended guidelines
  • Day-of COVID-19 Questionnaire for clients - have them sign this prior to initiating the event.  Not only does it inform the client that the session will be terminated immediately if photographer has reason to believe client was inaccurate on the questionnaire and also walks through the standard covid questions for photographer’s protection

Comes with:

  • PDF ready to print
  • How-to-use PDF guide
  • Word Doc version for alternate use


Skip the overwhelm!

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in everyone’s plans – and that definitely means legal issues for photographers. We specifically developed this bundle to help aid you in this time!

Want to snag all of our COVID-19 specific contract template forms and checklists? We’ve put them all into this one bundle for you!

  • Rescheduling Addendum
  • Ala Carte Force Majeure Provision
  • Reopening Checklist
  • Reopening Procedures Notice Template
  • Cancellation of Contract
  • COVID-Specific Liability Waiver

COVID-19 Legal bundle


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