As Seen: The Profitable Photographer + Rachel Brenke – Contracts and Legalities

Jan 29, 2020

Topic: Copyright, Trademark 
Time Investment: 25 Minutes 
Suggested Product: Ultimate Copyright Kit


Recently, Luci Dumas from The Profitable Photographer invited Rachel to her podcast to talk about the legal aspects of photography businesses.  This episode was packed full of good information, so get your pen and paper ready and be prepared to take lots of notes!


Key things to listen for:

  • importance of protecting your name when you realize other people see value in the name you have chosen
  • top legal concerns that need to be addressed
  • how contracts can avoid miscommunication and lack of education regarding things like copyright
  • importance of contracts, business formation, and insurance
  • why you should consult a CPA and a lawyer about business formation
  • why you need to understand copyright and trademark
  • and so much more!



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