5 Super Simple Ways to Get Your Images to POP!

Sep 30, 2019

Topic: Photography Business 
Time Investment: 5 Minutes 
Suggested Product: Photo Editor Contract


Feel like your images have been falling a little flat lately?  Not getting that POP you’d hoped for? Don’t stress! There are some really easy fixes that you can do today to give your photos that pop you’d hoped they’d have.  Here are 5 super simple ways you can make that happen both before you even push the shutter and later in post processing!


Use Complementing Colors

Pay close attention to the colors in your image.  If possible, make sure that the colors complement each other. (Make sure to check out the color wheel if you are unsure what they are.)  When you pair two colors together that complement, it will greatly help your image pop out and look awesome! For example, if you know you’ll be shooting in a lush green location, have your subject wear the complement of red!  That will help them pop right out of the picture.


Use The Vibrance Slider

Inside of ACR or Lightroom, there is a simple slider called vibrance.  It is not quite as intense as the saturation slider but does an incredibly subtle job of taking the colors in your photo to the next intensity without going overboard.  All you gotta do is slide it to the right until you get the desired effect and get the pop you wanted!

Use the Saturation Slider

For added pop and intensity, go ahead and bump that saturation slider up too! Just be careful you don’t go too crazy with this one.  If you’re a little more familiar with Lightroom or ACR, you can go to the HSL tab and adjust the saturation of each color individually, giving only the colors you want that extra bit of pop!


Keep Things Simple

It’s as easy as that.  When you don’t have a lot going on in the photo, it makes it much easier for your subject to pop out.  If there is a lot happening in the background or foreground it can cause your subject to blend into all of the busy-ness happening within the photo.  While sometimes this can create interest, if you really want your subject to pop, just keep things basic and neutral around your subject.


Be Intentional

If you want pictures that look like they pop, then make that your goal! Get intentional about making the subject and colors pop.  Don’t assume that by chance they’ll look that way. Plan out the colors, pay attention to your surroundings, what your subject is wearing and have  a plan for how you’re going to edit later. When you have an idea ahead of time of how you want the image to pop, it’ll be much easier to get it there!

Go out and give it a try today and I betcha you’ll see a difference in your photos!


Thanks to Emily Supiot with Cozy Clicks for this post!



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