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  • Business Q&A


    I love to take Q&A from y’all on the Facebook page and get it on here for you! This is super limited as I’m trying to get legal information out to you and I know not having 1:1 answers sometimes is hard when you have specific burning questions.  Here are 10 from this past week’s […]

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Photography Client Conflicts

    photography contract

       Client conflict is bound to happen or try to rear its ugly head during the course of your photography career.  We don’t need to let it.  We can work together to ensure that it stays away or at least alleviate some of the ugly results that may arise out of conflict.   In business […]

  • How to Set Up a Photography Business (the right way!)

    free photography contract

      Setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!   Biz 101 Checklist Here is a superficial business checklist to get you on the path to getting your business set up properly! Choose a name - Make sure you’re not violating any Federal or State trademarks, as […]

  • Sales tax, insurance, business licenses oh my!

    sales tax photographers

        Q. Are a business license and a retail license the same thing? Other local photographers say to have a license for each city/county you live in, but I’m not really sure how this works. Thank you!   A. This is such a tricky answer generally because different jurisdictions use different terminology when they mean […]

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