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Foto Strap Review

 100% genuine leather and canvas fabric camera strapErgonomic shoulder pad with non slip padding (monogramming is available for just $8)Brass hardware - holds up to 40 lbsBlack colorTotal adjustable length: 46.5" to 49.5"Length of decorative portion of the strap: 32.5"Width of camera strap ...
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photography business planning

Photography Exposed: Going Full Time & Converting Inquiries

 Hey you!The other day I watched my oldest helping his younger brother get his shoes on and it hit me...why don't we do this more as adults? Seriously.  Especially in business?A few weeks ago I had y'all ask what you need help with!  So here we are with installment #2 of addressing some of YO ...
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 Hey!Few weeks ago I asked you how business is going and quite a few of you got real transparent and shared with us! Now it is time for me to touch some on these with a little guidance and push to help you along!  While y'all did share publicly I'm going to safeguard your identities since I so ...
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photography contract guide
Contract formation is one of the most important skills a small business owner can develop.  And one of the main skills you will probably need when mastering this skill is understanding certain legal terms when you come across them.As we discovered in the article Haggling and Bickering: The Need of ...
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 It is NOT too late to get your biz on the right path for success in 2014!When it comes to business you hear people say all that time...plan plan plan.  Well of course! You decide and plan to do something.  But what does that really entail?Believe it or not, planning is a very routine ...
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