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The Ultimate Black Friday List for Photography Deals

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Here is TheLawTog’s Recommend Ultimate  List of Photography Black Friday Deals and Promotions for photographers to use in the course of their business.  List subject to being updated as more deals are rolled out!    TheLawTog – Photography Contracts & More Protect your photography business with lawyer/photographer drafted contracts. Broken down by type to help you find…

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Who cares if you succeed anyway?

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I got a bee in my bonnet this past year that I wanted to learn to run.  I hated running (heck I couldn’t run a mile even at the peak of my swim “career” – I say career loosely – I swam through high-school and into college).- I still hate running.  So why do I…

Should I hire a CPA or a Lawyer for my Photography Business?

Should I hire a CPA or a Lawyer for my Photography Business?

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My husband is great at helping cooking, clean and get things ready for my “last-minute-must-throw-a-Pinterest-worthy-party-although-I-didn’t-plan-anything.”  So he ends up bearing the brunt of picking up the food I failed to plan for – and bless him- he tries.   Yes he’s going to kill me for this sharing this.  So I’m full out trying to…

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Managing your clients with your words

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“Go color on the table” *Four year-old goes over to the table and colors ON the table’s wood surface* “Not ON the table!” “But mom, you said color ON the table.”   Owned. lawyered. by my second child. Love her but she’s just like me.  Which you’d think would make it easier for me to relate…