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Three tips for killing it with post-booking sales

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When I began my photography business 8 years ago I, like most newbies, was under-charging, over-delivering, and guaranteeing my untimely demise. I quickly learned that in order for my business to survive I needed a very healthy profit margin. Afraid to raise my prices for “no good reason”, I decided to forgo my “shoot and burn” model […]

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Facebook: Friend or Foe?

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Most of us who take photographs post some or all of them on Facebook. I know one lady who has dozens of Facebook photo albums and tens of thousands of photographs posted on that social media network alone. Facebook and other similar sites can be very useful when trying to share your photographic prowess with […]


Just Released: Destination Wedding Photography Contract

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This agreement covers all of the pertinent areas any photography business owners should have to cover themselves legally for a wedding. Includes provisions such as: coverage payment schedule completion schedule provided meal copyright rescheduling cancellation travel requirements artistic rights, etc. Does not include a model release. Must be purchased separately. These contract forms are not state […]

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The American Flag in Portrait Photography

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As 4th of July draws near there are great displays of patriotism in portraiture – rightfully so! The American flag is a beautiful symbol of the United States and is so powerful in photographs.  It is important to remember the standards of etiquette that accompany the honor of having such an amazing symbol.   STANDARDS […]