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Make Sales Without Being Salesy

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Getting clients in the door is only half the battle (although that one seems hard enough right?).   Once you have them liking you, your work and you have delivered – it is time to sell. Even if you’re not a salesy type person. Quite honestly, I hate sales. I’d rather help people, but I

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New: Volunteer Photography Contract

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This agreement includes contractual provisions needed to outline a NON-PAID – COMPLETELY VOLUNTEER photographer and organization for either coverage of an event or individualized shots. Comes with an Organization Informational Sheet to compile all Organization data.  Includes provisions such as: coverage (services and products/images provided) timeline volunteer status artistic rights construction indemnification permits and more! All contracts

The most successfully FAILED marketing idea ever

The most successfully FAILED marketing idea ever

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So yesterday I wrote tips about marketing for the fall because… Clients are buying photography NOW.   . They are in tune with marketing of photography services now more than ever – why? They are READY to be sold to. They are READY to hire photographers.  Because Christmas is only 15 weeks away. They know the marketing is coming. They

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Market now, Get paid now (and later)

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Two blog posts in one week? Oh yes – because I realized IT IS SEPTEMBER AND YOU NEED THIS.Since we already did have a fun pow wow I’m not going to waste alot of your time today but I wanted to drop an email letting you know how vital THIS time of year is. Clients are

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