The American Flag in Portraits – What’s Appropriate?

The American Flag in Portraits_

About this time every year I get a bunch of questions about using the U.S. Flag in portrait photography. What is the right way to display it for group photos? What are the rules as using it for a backdrop? The U.S. Code contains the guidelines for proper display and show of respect for the flag. These guidelines were officially added to the U.S. Code in 1942 (and haven’t … [Read more...]

Photographing Same-Sex Weddings: Do I Have a Choice?

Photographing Same-Sex Weddings_ Do I

Maybe; maybe not. It depends on your state laws, and even then there are still some things left to interpretation.  In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Obergefell v. Hodges legalizing same-sex marriage, I thought it was timely to bring you a summary of the Supreme Court’s decision and how it will affect your work. [Tweet "How the SCOTUS ruling on … [Read more...]

It’s Okay To Give Up Your Photography Business

It's Okay To Give Up Your Photography Business

This is a difficult thing to tell aspiring business owners with passions fired up, wheels turning and ambitions overflowing.  Business is extremely hard, but I don't have to tell you that.  If you're reading this, more than likely you're in business for yourself seeking help from others who have done it and came out the other side.  Sometimes you just have to … [Read more...]

5 ways to build your photography business with little money

5 ways to build your photography business with little money

Money can be great when you have it, but it can also be a great frustration when you're trying to build a business with very little or no money.  Whether you are starting out, or simply wanting to get to the next level, money is needed to build a business. While there are cheap marketing opportunities like social media and word-of-mouth, having the money needed to make an … [Read more...]