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Rachel Brenke from TheLawTog®

Welcome, I’m Rachel Brenke- owner and head-lawyer of TheLawTog®.

If you are seeking help for protecting your photography business, this site is for you.  I am a small business attorney specializing in aspects that affect photography business owners such as business associations, contracts and more!

 If you are new to TheLawTog, this page is to help you find your way around as the site is the legal resource for photographers.

What does that mean?

It is jam-packed full of information…

…so consider this page your tour-guide.

Types of Protection

Protecting your photography business is way more than just a random contract downloaded off the Internet that is used haphazardly.  

It is a combination of you being knowledgeable of legal information, lawyer-drafted photography contracts (yes plural!) and execution of expectation setting tools for your clients.

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TheLawTog® Review
TheLawTog® Review

 What to expect from TheLawTog®

At TheLawTog® there is a lot going on.  Here is a quick breakdown of the things you need to do before digging in deeper: 

I think that is more than enough to get you started, but there is plenty more waiting.  

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Pat yourself on the back!

You are taking steps to protect one of the things most precious to you, your photography business.   While we have a team-based model (such as bringing in experts on topics to help you with your business that aren’t my thing), I aim to have a personal connection and respond to emails as much as possible.  

I’m a photographer just like y’all. I just happen to have the legal and business side as well, plus I’m in it to help y’all win it. Obviously, I’m not a comedian – lucky for you!  

Either way, I’m here to help.

So, please reach out if you need anything!