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Oh Snap! Business Prevention Toolkit

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Could you be in danger of losing it all?


Death. Divorce. Disability. Dissolution.

Introducing The Oh Snap! Toolkit, your everything-in-one-place resource for covering your photography business’s assets.

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You are in danger of losing it all. 

You work extremely hard to build your business—late nights, weekend shoots, and time away from your family. But it only takes an instant for something to go wrong. From natural disasters to medical emergencies, an unexpected event can quickly destroy everything you've worked for.

Even if you know the ins and outs of running your business, you still need to prepare for the unknowns. Without a safety net, your business can collapse, resulting in less money, more stress, an overflowing inbox, unhappy clients, and unpaid bills.

You need to prepare for the worst, so your business can run at its best. But how?

Previously, if you wanted a detailed understanding of how to protect your photography business, the information was scattered across thousands of articles and websites.

That's why we created the affordable Oh Snap! Toolkit tailored to photographers just like you. Our team of lawyers and photographers at TheLawTog® developed, reviewed, and approved this all-in-one resource to help cover your photography business's assets.

We think this is a pretty awesome combo—legal expertise and photographer know-how. This lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved resource contains checklists, tools, and strategies to keep your photography business safe.

Stop worrying about your business. Take a vacation. Let an assistant hold down the fort. And leave no stone unturned when it comes to your intellectual property, insurance, equipment, office, files, income, and equity.

With this kit, you'll learn how to: 

  • Safely back up your information
  • Protect your equipment with the best insurance coverage
  • Move forward in case of an emergency
  • Hire your spouse as an employee or business partner
  • Sell or dissolve your business
  • Prevent disability from interfering with your business
  • Split up assets in case of a divorce


This kit compiles the following information:  

  • Business name
  • Sales Tax ID
  • Business structure and related documents
  • Business address and phone number
  • Website (including Cpanel and admin access)
  • Social media platform logins
  • Insurance policy numbers, deductible, and coverage
  • Landlord and realtor contact information
  • Professional Services (lawyer, CPA, financial advisor) contact information, payment schedule
  • Business property list, computer equipment, and regular equipment (items, serial numbers, value per unit, replacement cost, last date of repair or servicing)
  • Lab/Product List (category, description, quantity, last date used, units remaining)
  • Overhead expenses
  • Passwords and logins as needed
  • Bank account information (account numbers, routing information, minimum amount required, card numbers, deposit information, etc.)
  • Credit card information (account numbers, etc.)
  • Payment services (username, password, accounting level, payment amount, date of payment, credentials, API keys)
  • Investments (recurring transfers, funding accounts, amount, funding date)


What's included in the Oh Snap! Toolkit: 

  • 23-page packet of fillable PDF worksheets
  • Over 50 pages of legal  must-knows about starting a company, protecting your business rights during a marriage, hiring your spouse, handling death and divorce, managing disability, buying and selling your business, declaring bankruptcy, safeguarding against natural disasters, and closing your doors
  • Little black book  for contact information (CPA, lawyer, landlord, insurance etc.)
  • Expense tracker
  • Itemized list of labs, passwords, and logins
  • Place to store bank account information
  • Log for social media accounts and passwords
  • Payment, gallery, and cloud back-up services list
  • Recurring investments your family can expect
  • Basic list of protections


This is the foundation for your business's future. Not only does the Oh Snap! Toolkit provide legal protection, it positions you as a credible business owner.

As an affordable way to protect your business, this lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved toolkit is a must-have investment for your long-term success.

Template in .doc for easy copy-paste 

Highlighted guides and notes for easy fill-in-the-blank customization 

Access to TLT KNOWLEDGE BASE - explanations of key contractual provisions so you understand and can explain to your clients 

#1 Download instantly via email

#2 Back-up to your digital file system for use in future

#3 Fill-in-the-blank and edit based on guides in the contract

#4 Copy/paste into any online contract signing system or CRM for use!

-Why choose TheLawTog?

Headed by Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog is the only dedicated resource for photographers.  With practicing lawyers, business consultants, CPA, financial planners (and more!) you’ll get information with first-hand experience to help your photography business. 

-Can I edit the contracts?

Yes! They come as .doc files so you can fill-in-the-blank, remove or add what you need. We provide options and headings to easily allow for editing.

-Can I use these contracts if not in the US?

TheLawTog®’s contract forms are drafted on general American law-based contract principles and are applicable to many states.  Due to variations in law based on location and business policies, the contracts are editable and easily adaptable. If you are a photographer outside the US, the policies may be implemented for your business, but U.S. Federal Copyright laws and other legal theories may not apply.  For example, in the United States, unless otherwise contracted, the photographer retains copyright ownership of images. However, in other countries, the law may give the copyright ownership to the client and necessitate a provision for transfer. 

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