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Protecting your photography business and outlining expectations to photography clients is a critical aspect to success.  

As a wedding photographer, you need legal protection whether you’re starting out, shooting for free or have been in business for years.  Weddings are a once-in-a-life-time event (for most) and you should treat it with the utmost legal care.

TheLawTog®’s contracts are lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved, and used by many industry leaders for legal protection.

This wedding photography contracts template bundle was specially drafted by a lawyer/photographer for wedding photographers to use to protect their business and educate clients. 

This bundle includes the following forms:

  • Wedding Contract
  • General Model Release 
  • Limited Model Release
  • Print Release
  • Second Shooter Agreement (Or Shooting assistant)

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Shooting a wedding can be intimidating. You only get one chance to capture the big day.

From social media usage to venue guidelines, travel requirements to rescheduled events, there are a lot of moving parts. Not to mention, expectations (and stress levels) are high.

As an unforgettable celebration, weddings must be treated with the utmost legal care. Which means, legal protection as a wedding photographer is non-negotiable.

Whether you’re starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important. Consulting with couples and clearly outlining expectations is critical to your success.

That’s why we offer affordable wedding contracts tailored to photographers just like you. Our team of lawyers and photographers at TheLawTog® develop, review, and approve every contract.

We think this is a pretty awesome combo—legal expertise and photographer know-how.

While you can obtain a wedding contract through a non-photographer lawyer, it may not be the best option. Since our templates were created by—and for—photographers, they are typically more comprehensive.

Every contract template we provide is easy to edit and should be tailored to reflect business policies and laws in your state.

In fact, industry leading wedding photographer Susan Stripling says “TheLawTog® is where I get all of my contracts.  This is the only source that I recommend for photography contract templates.”

This bundle includes:

  • Wedding Contract
  • General model release  
  • Limited model release
  • Print Release
  • Second Shooter Agreement 
  • Product Delivery Agreement


Wedding Contract – The wedding photography contract covers the pertinent areas any photography business owners should have to cover themselves legally for a wedding.

Includes provisions such as:

    • non-refundable retainer (with liquidated damages language)
    • payment schedule
    • late fees for late or missed payments
    • pre-wedding consultation preference
    • cancellation
    • rescheduling
    • photographic materials included/defined
    • artist right of discretion for images
    • copyright and reproductions (whether selling digitals or not)
    • client usage of images 
    • social media usage from photographer social media pages
    • safe-working environment
    • cooperation of clients and guests
    • exclusive photographer clause
    • failure to perform
    • substitute/backup photographer
    • incorporation of standard price list
    • meals provided for photography team
    • breaks provided for photography team
    • venue guidelines and responsibility of client
    • completion schedule
    • travel and overage fees
    • indemnification
    • and other legal miscellany!


Model Releases

A model release is a legal release typically signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another. This form also releases any claims the client may have to future compensation for use of images.a

The download includes two model releases:

#1 General Release includes language covering adults and minors

#2 Limited Release includes options to allow the client limit the use of their images by the photographer 

Includes language for adults and minors!


Print Release – The print release form is readily customizable to be included with digital file orders to outline the do’s and dont’s that the client can do with your art. This gives the client the permission to print only – does not give permissions for commercial or other uses.  This does reemphasize the copyright laws.

Second Shooter Agreement – This agreement allows for peace of mind between the primary and secondary individuals as it outlines all the duties, responsibilities, payment, etc for a cohesive and successful relationship.  

Product Delivery Agreement – This agreement is to be signed by clients upon acceptance of products.   It binds and reminds the client that by accepting the products all sales are final and no refunds will be given.


When it comes to premium photography gigs, you need quality contracts. Our lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved wedding contracts are a must-have investment.

They’re an affordable way to not only protect your business but establish yourself as a credible wedding photographer. In short, they’re the icing on the wedding cake.

All contracts come as Microsoft Word document files.  

  • Typically opened in Microsoft Word BUT they can be opened a variety of ways without Microsoft Word, such as through Note Pad, Text Edit, Google Docs. Keep in mind – opening in these systems may not show the color coding – just be mindful of notes that we have placed in the contract to help you fill it out.  
  • Tutorial: If you do NOT have Word, press/hold control + click on the file.  A pop up will come up. Choose “Open with” and select the program you want to use.
  • Google Docs Tutorial:  Select File Upload in Google docs.   Choose your downloaded Word doc.  Open it in Google Drive (if you want to edit).
  • Please note: An alternate version of the contract will not be sent. Compatibility and accessibility is responsibility of the user.


You know you need to protect your business – because, well, you value it right?

But have no clue where to start?

Here is a how-to guide on using TheLawTog’s contracts. 


#1 Choose the photography contract template you need

First, think about the primary niche you are in. That is probably going to dictate which niche section of the site you’re going to want to take a look at and invest in.  Keep in mind, these contracts are completely editable and I do encourage you to check with local attorney.  

Purchasing a TheLawTog® contract template form can not only save you money with an attorney (see this example: but it will result in a more on-point and comprehensive document as many lawyers are not a lawyer for photographers and often times forget alot of the little things that we need!  

Second, think about the legal client timeline and your business needs.  Here is an article that can help you have a quick glance:

If you haven’t already done so – snag the free document I have available at – on the download page there is a video that walks through how all the documents mentioned in the link above work together and my recommendations. 

Cliff notes: Ultimately, it is best to start with a main contract + model release in your niche and go from there.   There are basic legal elements of the contracts that carry across the niche’s so you could always amend for another type, just keep in mind they won’t have the extra specifics.  Such as, newborn contracts will include information on baby disposition and what to do – but wouldn’t necessarily be in the standard portrait contract (which is a general portrait contract).

Make sure you compare the documents and what is included on the site. That could make a difference on which you choose. 

Photography Contract Timeline


#2 Download and back up

You can download from the confirmation page, or log back into your account at any time! 

If your file comes as a zip file, you’ll need to unzip! To Unzip:

To Unzip:

  • Apple users: Double click item to automatically unzip
  • PC users: Just google your operating system + “unzip files” to find a tutorial for your operating system

To Open:

  • Typically opened in Microsoft Word BUT they can be opened without Word on a mac.
  • If you are on a MAC and do NOT have word, press/hold control + click on the file.  A pop up will come up. Choose “Open with” and select TextEdit.
  • Can also be opened in Google Docs, Text, and Open Office

Don’t forget to back-up all your files. TheLawTog recommends Backblaze cloud backup.


#3 Edit to your business policies and local laws

Follow the guides in the contract template to amend.  It is recommended any verbiage changes are done by a local attorney.  We have a recommended list here.  If your location isn’t listed check with your State Bar website.

See also:


#4 Choose how you will have client’s sign

Choose a system that fits into your workflow to efficiently have your clients sign contracts and keep this information on file.

See also: Are digital contracts legal?


#5 Be protected!

Now that you’ve invested in lawyer/photographer drafted contracts you can be confident in your protection by contract.  Make sure you are also protected on other business levels.  

See also: How to Run a Photography Business Checklist 



For your reference

TheLawTog offers are variety of lawyer/photographer drafted contract templates by type.   Each of these contracts are drafted for legal sufficiency and are tailored to the specific type as named.  

Here is a list of the most popular contracts 


Have more questions?

Check out the Knowledgebase here.

You can read all of the current terms here:

Here is a cliff notes for you:

  • No refunds/exchanges on digital products
  • There is an expiration date on email links – but you can log into to get your products
  • Don’t be a jerk – protect the intellectual property you just paid money for and don’t share!

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