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TheLawTog offers a variety of online webcourses to guide and teach photographers to a successful, profitable and legally-protected photography business.

All webcourses come with the following:

  • on-demand, 24/7 education
  • immediate online access
  • downloadable transcripts
  • private student community
  • Q&A with TheLawTog team
  • lifetime access

“Rachel is the go-to when you need legal help for your photography business!”

– Sarah Petty, Joy of Marketing

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BizRevamp is this for you.  The only business webcourse taught by a lawyer & photographer will step-by-step instructions to make sure you’re a legal and profitable business.

Why Should Photographers Care About Business Entity Formation?

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It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  I want to teach you my cost-effect but high-return-on-time-investment ways to get clients in your door.  Quit marketing blindly and start marketing through the madness with me.

What Others Are Saying

Sarah Petty

Rachel is the go-to when you need legal help for your photography business.

– Sarah Petty, Joy of Marketing

Photography Contract Templates

Rachel is my legal touchstone. Without her, I would not be able to protect my business or intellectual property in a way that I can be sure will stand up in court. I’m so glad she’s on my team.

-Amanda Holloway, Amanda Holloway Photography

Photography Contract Templates

TheLawTog® is where I get all of my contracts.  This is the only source that I recommend for photography contract templates.

– Susan Stripling, Susan Stripling Photography