>My five minutes of fame on Jpeg2RAW – Rachel Brenke Photography


If you haven’t been watching my facebook then now is your chance to hear me as a podcast guest on Jpeg2RAW.  

When the hosts of the showed approached me to be a guest I was thrilled! As many of ya’ll know I love nothing more than to TALK and help other photographers.  The best part of the show was that they had a record turn out of over 100 listeners with the chat room talking like crazy!!

We definitely discussed my journey as a photographer including the plastic baby from this blog post. Many don’t agree with showing “bad work” but I feel that I always need to remember where I started, where I am and where I want to be!

And we also discussed my belief in why it is important to shoot RAW (this blog post)

The hosts have it set up so YOU the listeners can SEE ME and write in a chat room so that I am able to answer questions as we go! I feel like we covered ALOT OF GROUND!!! 

So the whole reason for this post? Go check out my podcast here at Jpeg2RAW.

I have been asked to come back as a guest and would love suggestions on topics to discuss! Watch FB for the announcement!

xoxo, Rachel