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TheLawTog® Insiders

Do you want clarity, community, and unwavering industry support for your photography business? Join TheLawTog® Insiders to protect your business so you can focus on producing top quality work.

 TheLawTog® Insiders is the premier legal and business membership exclusively designed to provide photographers with comprehensive protection and support around the clock.

Picture This!

As a member of TheLawTog® Insiders you have access to:

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TheLawTog® Insiders

TheLawTog® Insiders

TheLawTog® Insiders

Your membership to legally safeguard your photography business.

TheLawtog® Insiders is an exclusive community, where connections with like-minded professional photographers become extraordinary. 

We’re not only your go-to resource for legally protecting your photography business. Inside you'll find passionate photographers who are as dedicated to their craft as you are to yours. 

Ever feel alone in your business?

Surround yourself with like-minded members who share your dreams, understand your challenges, and want to celebrate your wins. We’re always ready to cheer you on, offer guidance, and amplify your success while nurturing your professional growth. The connections you'll forge here will go beyond the surface; they will become the pillars of support that sustain and inspire you for the rest of your business journey.

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Is This You?

You’ve found yourself in sticky legal situations and you’re not sure what to do about it

You wish you could protect your business with the necessary legal documents without hiring a lawyer

You’re running your “company” without contracts and praying you don’t get into legal trouble

You want to take a more proactive approach with your business

You have questions and concerns and wish you had someone trusted you could turn to at a moments notice

If this is a snapshot of how you're feeling, then TheLawTog® Insiders is the solution for you.

What Our Photographers Are Saying

TheLawTog® Insiders Exclusive Benefits:

Engage in real-time interaction with the TheLawTog® team of experts, allowing you to ask questions and receive well-informed support and advice.

Gain access to monthly business-related videos covering various topics such as business planning, legal triad, contract amendments, and goal setting to help you strengthen your business knowledge.

Enjoy a 20% discount coupon for, applicable to any available template on the site so you stay protected without spending thousands in legal fees.

Each month receive a heavily discounted item to support your business, marketing, and legal needs. These items may include templates, delivery agreements, accounting spreadsheets, and more!

TheLawTog® Insiders will not offer legal advice. We are here to guide you to the legal documents you are searching for and support you as you grow in your photography business.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, elevate your business, and stand among the elite. 

Experience the INSIDER effect:

  • Bid farewell to confusion and uncertainty in your business endeavors 
  • Rest assured that you’ll be able to avoid potential business nightmares
  • Feel at peace that you're legally protected
  • Step into your confidences as you operate within the legal framework
  • Present yourself as a professional, running a business with integrity

And best of all, you’ll feel FREE with time to invest in your creative side!

Before your FREE bonus goes away on 06/18/23!

Meet Rachel

TheLawTog® Insiders Membership is for photographers with a strong focus on growth, who wish to run a legally legitimate business with support from a like minded community of photographers.

With years of experience in both photography and legal matters, we have become the trusted and go-to legal resource for photographers. While other groups may specialize in photography technicalities, lighting, and similar areas, we proudly stand as the premiere group of experts who excel in guiding photographers on the business and legal aspects of their profession.

As part of TheLawTog Insiders, you'll receive unparalleled support from our dedicated team, led by Rachel Brenke, a renowned photographer, lawyer, and the visionary behind TheLawTog®. With us, you gain access to a wealth of benefits, including exclusive discounts on TheLawTog® legal tools, monthly educational resources, and much more.

As a member of TheLawTog Insider you have access to:

  • An extensive network of experts and practicing lawyers, to guide you through the intricacies of contracts, copyrights, and licensing 
  • A community of fellow photographers who understand the triumphs and challenges your facing to walk with you through the hills and valleys of business
  • A group of like-minded photographers who are continuing their education and on the growth path right alongside of you
  • Contracts/templates without having to pay the full price of an attorney
  • Our team of practicing Lawyers, Business consultants, CPAs, Financial Planners (and more!) ensuring you're empowered and proactive with your business

Contracts are not included as part of TheLawTog® Insiders Membership.

Absolutely!  Enjoy the flexibility and peace of mind with our cancellation policy. If you ever need to cancel, simply do so at any time, and you'll have the opportunity to complete the current month without any obligation to renew for the following month. We prioritize your convenience and want to ensure that you have full control over your membership experience.

Becoming an "Insider" is as affordable as it is valuable, with a monthly investment of just $19. 

To make it even more accessible, we offer the convenience of Shopify Pay, allowing you to qualify and break down your payments into manageable installments. We believe that investing in your growth and success should be within reach, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

TheLawTog® is owned and run by a lawyer but is not a law firm. All purchases are for general education. It is recommended to have a local lawyer review all products for your use. Enrollment in this course does NOT create a lawyer-client relationship.

Due to the nature of digital products, ALL sales are final. Please reach out to our team with question before purchase. 

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