Who needs to sign the model release?

Mar 15, 2022

Aha this is a tricky question – cause it can rest on a few questions:

  • who wants to be legally responsible for the session? (Payment and all other terms)
  • is there a model release within the main photography contract or is it separate?
  • who is old enough?

Let’s walk through this:

If a model release is not included in the contract, an adult individual can sign the contract and be bound to the terms.  A contract without a model release is  purely to formulate the client relationship and shoot.

However, model releases must be signed by individuals of majority age (typically 18) or their guardians.  So, if the contract is ONE document with a model release, all adults have to sign for themselves.  If they are separate documents, only one adult has to sign the contract, and all adults sign the model release.

Clear as mud?

I hope it helps!

Remember, you can always shoot without a model release, just can’t share images for marketing!  But you should NEVER do a session without a main photography contract to govern all terms.

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