Who cares if you succeed anyway?

Nov 11, 2014

Topic: Success 
Time Investment: 7 Minutes
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I got a bee in my bonnet this past year that I wanted to learn to run.  I hated running (heck I couldn’t run a mile even at the peak of my swim “career” – I say career loosely – I swam through high-school and into college).

I still hate running.  So why do I do it?  For a challenge.   

I’ve learned many lessons from it.  And one thing I’ve learned from running that helps take a load off in my business is that…


No one really cares if you succeed.


Do what?!?!


It is because you already have, in their eyes.


Stick with me.  The majority of people in your life will believe you have succeeded merely because you tried. And they may be right, but I bet your definition of success is vastly different right? 

By nature of a business owner, merely doing isn’t enough.  Meeting goals and how we feel running a business is what we reach for.

Running has taught me this because I see my friends liking my updates, comment on my race day pictures, but none truly have come out to say “You run so slow you need to run faster!”  Almost all the important, close ones in my life have congratulated me on my “accomplishment” of surviving a 5k without need for an ambulance.  In their eyes, I have succeeded.

This takes great pressure off of me when I do go to race. I can just run for fun.  (Did I really just say run and fun in the same sentence?)

So – okay – they actually do care if I succeed in running. But they believe I already have succeeded. Simply by the outward show that I’ve given to them.  The “vision” of success I’ve crafted online – even if that vision has included the bad days – to them it is still a success.


Clients watch the vision you craft in your online presence. “


They don’t know your real numbers. The real amount of hours you spend editing, or how much that box costs for your print packaging. They care about the vision crafted, the product delivered and the experience received.  


Use this to your advantage!

  • When you are slow – blog/reshare some some favorite posts or write some new blog content (example: wedding photographers – 10 Tips to Booking Your Wedding Photographer).
  • When you are busy – keep up your vision on social media – automate through systems like BufferApp and Coschedule.  Even if you’re busy they only know what they see.
  • Show you’re a professional – offer to display your business license and insurance documents to venues/locations you’re trying to book.
  • Take charge as the pro – have a professionally crafted and understood legal document with your policies. Make sure you understand what is in the terms and how to explain them so a client understands.

Clients will believe you are successful if you don’t give them a reason to NOT believe it.  If you have a ghost town social media page and/or blog, or are marketing with desperate words instead of scarcity incentives the vision starts to create the message in their minds that perhaps something is amiss.

Clients pick up on all this. 

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Even if you feel like you’re dying when you round the corner of that last mile gasping for air.

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