10 Tips to choosing packaging for your photography products

Jul 9, 2012

Topic: Marketing, Branding
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
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You’ve identified your brand.  Your marketing is spot on.  But you’re at a loss and overwhelmed by the mass amounts of packaging out there!  Here are 10 tips to choosing packaging for your photography products!


1. Quality

The experience begins at the time the client contacts you and does not end when the photographs are taken.  Delivery of a product is very important. I’ve told the story before on my blog about paying a decent amount of money for digital files, only to receive it on a supermarket store purchased DVD, my name written in sharpie and shoved in a jewel case. If this is your aesthetic, I’m not knocking it. But for me personally, as the client, I felt very disappointed. I felt no value. It was like a roller coaster – got to the top and was excited to get my files, but when I opened the package I was seriously disappointed.  We live in an age where everyone wants something for nothing, so if you’re going to charge them something, give them something. Including the experience.  Don’t skimp on quality to save a few bucks; be mindful of costs and place quality where it is important.


2. Brand

Just because you are drawn to it, does it mean it fits your brand? What does it say about you? Be you.


3. Functionality

Does it have a function outside of being pretty packaging? Look to help preserve your client’s products in items that can double as storage or protective packaging.


4. Target Market

Is my market into fun things? Or more classy and straightforward?


5. Cost

This is probably one of the most important aspects (after branding). Cost. You run a business.  You have mouths to feed.  Just because you LOVE something doesn’t necessarily mean it is within your budget. In determining your packaging, examine your pricing.  What is your price per customer? (See Pricing) (See Tips for Marketing on a Budget)


6. Versatility

Get more bang for your buck.  Look at packaging as multi-use. Can you utilize that print box for albums, prints, or custom picture frame? This will help to maximize your packaging budget.


7. Accessories

Think about the accessories that you’re going to use! Stamps, ribbons, etc. Factor these into cost and branding as well!


8. Color

If you have a specific color in your branding, watch before you order from a place. Not all colors print the same.  Such as my aqua color – I can almost never find the color the same everywhere so I end up with a variety of shades. I defer to the silver/grey so that it is more readily purchased under multiple vendors.


9. Shop around

Don’t think you HAVE to stay with one vendor to buy all your packaging. Just be mindful of the tips above.


10. Stay away from trendy

I’m not saying this is a flat out rule. Just something to keep in mind.  Are you like me and get attracted by shiny, new things but then after a month or so want something new? Well then what do you do with the amount of packaging inventory you’ve purchased?  Stick with timeliness or base packaging that you can add or subtract from as your brand or preference changes.



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