The Legal Triad - Set Up Photography Business Legally

Mar 2, 2021

Topic: Branding
Time Investment: 16 minutes
Suggested Product: 


When it comes to legalities it can be overwhelming and scary. We get it! 

That's why, here at TheLawTog, we actively work to bring you the step-by-step information you need to get your business legally protected efficiently and affordably so you can get back to doing what you!

While setting up a legal photography business has many moving parts - primarily in three major phases.

  • The Legal Triad - liability protection to protect yourself personally
  • A Legal Photo Client Timeline - the chronological and proper use of contracts
  • Owning Your Brand - protecting the intellectual property we depend on

It is recommended to start with The Legal Triad. 

If you're a new photographer, a must start!

If you're a veteran photographer, it's a good yearly re-evaluation guide!

I will caution you not to gloss over these topics because you think you have then "on lock".  Go step-by-step through this, take notes and get yourself protected.


Still unsure what to do? 

Enroll in BizRevamp- our 6-week legal-biz workshop that walks you through all the steps you need. Get info here.

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