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This review is on Fotostrap’s personalized camera strap.  This is not a paid advertisement, however, they did send me the strap to test out.  My review is fully honest and is not swayed by the receipt of this item, as you’ll see below.

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From the product description section on the FotoStrap website: 

Vintage details and customer personalization converge in our stylish Fotostrap. Designed for the modern photographer, this camera accessory becomes so much more than its function and beauty when customized with a monogram or business logo. It becomes a brand ambassador and a personal storyteller. Our Fotostrap is for the entrepreneurs, the bloggers, the travelers and the creatives. Whether you’re in a studio, at a wedding, on the go, or just at home, our adjustable Fotostraps will keep your camera secure and on your hip whenever the decisive moment arises.

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The Review

I’m digging the personalized Fotostrap for use in the studio.  The high-quality leather and canvas gives a high-end, yet, durable feel.  I’m not entirely sure I’d enjoy it for a full wedding or long event, as I would be afraid to mess up the strap and it doesn’t have a stability around the neck or body. It definitely does the trick for portrait sessions, inside and outside of the studio. 

I used it on an outdoor shoot.  I found the strap to be comfortable against the skin, yet it was a bit warm for this hot and muggy May day here in Virginia.  The canvas doesn’t leave much room to breathe.  I also was worried about getting it dirty. I didn’t have to try to clean, so I can’t speak to that. I would imagine this material cleans nicely as the leather and canvas are high-quality and seem to withstand use and wear.

The good news is, I did use it extensively in the studio for product shots and thoroughly enjoyed using it indoors.  It is very comfortable on the neck, as mentioned above, and provides a good length and stability to hold the camera while I’m shifting around the product placements on the flatlays. 


Learn more about FotoStrap here

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