In-Person Sales Contracts For Protection

Mar 16, 2021

Topic: Sales
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: Sales Contract Bundle

Whether you’re doing in-person sales, online virtual sales session or simply an online gallery – I’m sure you want to protect the sale (and that moneyyyyy!!)

The goals of having different sales contracts in place are to

  • set expectations with client
  • inform client of all obligations
  • protect the sale from buyers remorse, etc.
  • legal relationship created if need to enforce


It is recommended to use some or all of the following documents:

  • Payment plan contract – for products purchased on payment plan at sales session (not covered by original booking/services contract)
  • Product delivery acknowledgement – used at delivery to prevent clients from making claims as to not receiving products and/or quality of products
  • Invoice form – to outline all identified products, amount and specifics
  • Credit card authorization – permission by client for you to run their credit card for a specific amount- important to safeguard against chargebacks


The sales portion of the relationship is often not governed by your booking/services contract, so make sure you take some time to integrate the proper legal documents you need.


Stay protected + profitable,

TheLawTog® Team

p.s. We have all these docs in our Sales Bundle here

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