How to get your clients to stop treating you like sh*t

May 3, 2022

Working in business is overwhelming from photography contracts to processing photos to marketing...but add on client issues and WHEW you have a lot to handle!

Did you know, the majority of legal issues arise not due to some big failure or mistake. It's a culmination a lot of little mistakes (including erosion of buyers confidence, miscommunication, etc) that lead to an eruption of issues. As business owners, we are to lead our clients. This can readily be done by educating, setting boundaries, reevaluating issues and resolving issues with TheLawTog's recommend issue resolution method.

This quick video will help you prevent future issues and be prepared for when issues DO happen..because it is not if it is when. If you want more help with your photography business - come download our free legal roadmap HERE.


Timestamps for reference:

:09 Educate clients on process - use contracts
:10 Chronological structure for relationship
:11 Overview of chronological needs
:12 3 things client needs to hear 3 times
:13 Buyer’s confidence erosion
:18 Boundaries with clients
:21 “It’s on us to find our own boundaries.”
:23 Don’t let fear stop boundaries
:26 Pinball example
:28 How to find what your client is ACTUALLY asking
:31 What have you said in the past to your clients?
:32 Client example: Lost digital image files from years ago
:34 What can you do to improve process/communciations
:39 How to handle vendors who want images
:40 Lead with client focus
:41 Recap

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