How not to lose yourself in business

Feb 27, 2015

Topic:  Work-Life Balance
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product: BizRevamp®

You feel completely overtaken by obligations.  Business. Kids. Other job. Spouse. Partner. Pinterest-while-watching-Scandal-addiction.  What it is – it is important you don’t lose YOU.   

It is so easy to feel like you’re losing who you are when you’re running a business and having a family, you may have another job, or you’re in school. You feel like at the end of the day, there is no time left for you. One of the things in the top tips that I really want to encourage you to do, but it’s going to take a little bit of commitment on your part, but I think you can do it. 

Listen to what I just said a second ago. I said “by the end of the day, there’s no time left for yourself”, so in order to keep yourself and/or regain yourself, is to make sure you put yourself first; that includes putting yourself first during the day, whether it means waking up early or scheduling a certain time in the morning. One of my biggest recommendations is to take one of your personal goals, and make that the one item you do before you do anything else.

Now, I have kids and other obligations also, so I completely understand that you’re not always able to make that the very first thing that you do, but maybe make it the first real thing that when you sit down to have time for yourself, that’s what you do for the day. 

“So what do you mean by this, Rachel? Well, I’m so glad you asked!”


So take, for example, say that working out is something that you feel like is super important for you, make sure that that is the first thing that you can do when you have your time for the day. But if you have to get up and get the kids to school, get them to daycare, when you get to your office, before you flip on any social media, email, anything else, make sure you’ve carved down on your calendar time to go work out.

Or maybe you want to write that book this year, and this is a little tip of how I got my books written in a fairly short amount of time. It was something that I was committed to doing. Sure it had a business aspect, but it was for me. So one thing that I really pushed myself to do is that when I had the first chance of me time, which is very minimal in the day, is that I rewarded myself if I committed to that me time.

So, for example, with the writing of the book or when I’m trying to lose weight and I’m committing to the exercise, or just to be fit, it could be either, I require that I went through that process. For the writing of the book, I made myself write at least 500 words before I ever opened up social media because you can really open up your app and sit there and just scroll through and it be a complete time suck. In that time, you could’ve put yourself 500 words closer, or 5 miles closer towards your goal. So that’s why I really strongly recommend sit back.

You probably have a business and marketing plan in place, if you don’t, you need to have one. You should check out BizRevamp. Shameless plug, sorry, but either you have a plan, or if you don’t have a plan, you need to have a personal plan. What is it that I want to do for myself this year? Is it write a book? Okay. I’m going to make myself write 500 words before I open up Facebook in the morning.

Could be something as simple as I want to learn to play the violin. All right, I’m going to commit to practicing before I sit down to watch Scandal in the evening. That is my big recommendation is to incentivize yourself there. It’s easy to incentivize in business when you know that there’s a result of gaining a client or money. It’s a little harder for us to stick to it and it’s easier to make excuses to regain and keep ourselves when there’s no real true incentive. So always put another incentive on the other side of that. 

Schedule it so that your me time is one of the first things that you do during the day, if you can, because it’s too easy to talk yourself out of it by the end of the day. If you have no choice but to have it at the end of the day, find an accountability partner who will check in to make sure that you’ve committed to having your time, and then put an incentive on the other side of that, that way you can keep and fell well-rounded because you’re doing better in life and in your business and be able to rock to success a little bit closer.

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