FAQS about Photography Business Set-Up

Mar 26, 2022

In the many years that TheLawTog has been available to photographers, just like you we have built up a large database of articles that answer the most common questions. Dive into that list here!

Below you will find some of the most asked questions about photography business formation & also articles that explain in depth what can be done.

Should my photography business be an LLC?
The formation of a business has liability and tax consequences that continue for years to come.  It pays to be thoughtful about your business structure from the outset to prevent unnecessary cost and headaches.  While the specifics will vary from state to state, there are some generalities that you can consider.

Do I have to use “LLC” in my photography marketing?
In this article we discuss the pros and cons of using "LLC" when marketing your photography business. By combining our judgment with due diligence and a mindset of being better safe than sorry we can ensure our business is protected while also creating graphically pleasing marketing materials!

5 Reasons Your Photo Biz Needs To Be an LLC
Running a photography business can be overwhelming, scary, and down-right frustrating sometimes. It is often believed that legal business setup is simply snagging a "license" and paying taxes.  There are many moving parts that can be broken down succinctly into three phases. In this article we discuss those three phases and other ways to protect your assets.

Opening a business bank account for your Photography LLC
The importance of keeping your business funds separate from your personal finances can’t be overstated, and setting up a business bank account early in the life of your company can help make accounting and managing cash flow much easier – not to mention fewer headaches at tax time. Let's discuss!

How to Legally Partner Up in Photography
The business world and the legal world are filled with acronyms that can be a big headache to attempt to navigate. You may want to consider protecting your personal assets by organizing your business under an LLC or you may want to partner with another business for a specific and limited goal. What are the options and what will work for you?

Legalities Of Running A Business When You Are Not Yet 18 Years Old
Many minors have the talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive to run successful businesses, including photography businesses. However, how does a minor manage turning photography from a hobby into a successful business? Let’s talk about a few of the more significant hurdles you will face.

Should photography contracts be signed with your name or business name?Running a successful business is not always easy and it requires you to have a good balance of personal touch and necessary formality. How you sign your business contracts is extremely important because you need to show your clients and the world that your personal life and business operations are entirely separate things



How to Start a Photography Business (the right way!)
Starting a photography business is exciting, but setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!  There are steps you need to make sure you have on lock-down to have a professional and protected photography business. Let’s get started. 

5 Reasons to NOT be a Sole Proprietorship
Many times people start out in the creative field part time or with great uncertainty as to whether they are going to “make it” in business.  For these reasons, many of you may be sitting on a dangerous risk pile of sole proprietorship (SP) formation. Let's discuss!

A quick guide to photography trademarks!
Trademarks, copyright, usage rights oh my! It is so confusing with so many legal working parts swirling around.  It is important to understand how each works. Here’s a small snippet on how trademarks work – and how they can benefit your biz – especially if you want to get a photography trademark for your business.

Why Should Photographers Care About Business Entity Formation?
Getting into business to make money off a craft you love is exhilarating, fun..but also scary.  There is no getting around the legal tools needed to help protect you, your photography and your clients.  In this article, we are targeting on one of the three in the legal triad –  business entity creation of the legal triad.

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