FAQ: Copyright infringement

Mar 25, 2022


Our #1 question here (maybe tied with what to include in contracts and what to use for digital contracts) is what to do when your images are stolen/altered/used outside of license. 

Here's a good starter article. (I say starter because situations and approaches may vary. This is help you have context for potential options.) 

For more information please do a search for the hundreds. Yes. Hundreds of threads of people with this exact same question. It's a pervasive issue. It's posted no less than ten times a week in here (multiply that by how long this group has been around.... the past threads are a library y'all. Use it!) 

Bottom line. Never jump the gun to demand take down. Step back. Gather evidence. Consider having the infringement legally evaluated so you can see what you may be entitled to. Educate yourself on copyright infringement. 

What to do if someone violates your images – Copyright Infringement for Photographers
It happens – A friend or client excitedly sends you a link to a page where they’ve seen one of your images or a copy of a magazine in which your work has been published in all its glossy glory. It is up to you to protect your intellectual property and educate those who don’t know better.  If you don’t, who will? This article is a great place to learn about Copyright Infringement for Photographers.

X used my images without asking, now what?
Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious necessity. It’s time to stop playing games.  Now, y’all should know.  Even as lawyer – I tend to give others the benefit of the doubt.  This is why I find it important we educate while we are enforcing our rights. Because if WE don’t stand up for our work, who is going to? 

How to send a DMCA to remove photography copyright infringement
In today’s world images are posted, downloaded, pinned, saved, and re-shared from all corners of the globe.  With this ability to find and use content at a mass level, it is no surprise that copyright issues have become prevalent.  In order to keep up with the complexities of growing technology, the law has responded with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Here’s a quick tutorial on how to send a DMCA to remove photography copyright infringement!

Now Available: Copyright Infringement Kit for Photographers
Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious necessity for business owners in this digital age. With this copyright infringement kit, intellectual property creators become equipped with information to protect their creations, as well as the steps and legal forms needed to defend intellectual property rights.

If I imitate a photography session is that copyright infringement?
I came across a great location and gained permission from the property owner to use it.  A well-known photographer has used that location for a few years.  I have had a wooden swing and this location is the perfect place to put it up and use it.  This same photographer also uses a wooden swing there.  Would I be infringing on her copyright if I use a similar wooden swing in the same location that she does? Let's break down the logistics!

How to Register Copyright in Canada
Canadian photographers are just as concerned as photographers of any other country about how to protect their copyright. This article will discuss copyright considerations for Canadian photographers and specifically why you might formally register your copyright in an image under Canadian law.

Photography Copyright Laws
The words "copyright" are thrown around a lot on photography forums but what does it really mean for you? Stick with me through the legal mumbo-jumbo and you'll see suggestions on what you can do to protect your artistic works. Ties article is a general guideline of Photography Copyright Laws and resources for you to start becoming educated on this very real threat to the industry.

A Photographer’s Quick Guide to Photography Copyright Law
The unauthorized use, reproduction, or amendment of photographs…copyright infringement happens all the time, simply because many don’t understand what and how copyright infringement works. Copyright infringement is the use of photographs protected by copyright laws without permission of the copyright owner. Understanding what copyright is and the registration process is important to photography business owners to avoid situations like the one listed above.

What do I do if someone makes an illustration or painting based on my photograph?
As we know, only a copyright holder has the exclusive rights to a creative work, and only they can grant a person a license to use their image or work. So what if you believe someone has imitated or copied one of your photographic images? Let's break it down!

My solution to the #1 asked legal question by photographer
Protecting intellectual property is a real and serious necessity for business owners in this digital age. The idea that anything posted online is “fair game” to be used by others is the result of misconceptions and misunderstanding of intellectual property laws and respect for the creators. It’s not a matter of IF copyright infringement will happen anymore, it is when.


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