4 things you can do for your photography business starting today

Aug 19, 2011

Topic: Photography Business
Time Investment: 5 Minutes
Suggested Product:  All-in-One Contract Bundles


Things get so busy around back to school time that I haven't been putting out a lot of in depth and intuitive business blogs. Mostly, because I'm not sure the readership is here as everyone makes their last minute getaways to the beach! So for today, I'm going to do a quick run down of thoughts I've had regarding business lately.


Give your changes time.

You can't enact a change in pricing or marketing and expect things to change immediately.  My latest change in pricing took about 4 months then boomed. Give it time.


Don't get discouraged.

Examine why you are feeling discouraged. Is it how you evaluate yourself technically? Lack of sessions?  Get out and get creative. Offer a free or discounted session where you have complete control of the concept.


Keep up with paperwork!

I am guilty as charged with this. Commit yourself to monthly updating your records. You'll thank yourself come tax season!


Get to know your local photographers.

I can not even express how important this is not only for marketing and networking but also for YOU.  Local photographers may be willing to share locations, and tips on the market. This is an untapped resource that many are wary to delve into.  What is the worst that can happen when you reach out? They say no.  But what if they say yes? You could have found the best resource possible.


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