3 Ways to Fix How You're Doing Instagram

Oct 4, 2019

Topic: Marketing 
Time Investment: 8 Minutes 
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I think you know this, right? Likes & Followers on Instagram? They don't equal sales.

10,000 followers is not the same as $10,000 in cash.

Matter of fact, there are many people on Instagram with 10,000 followers who are not making any money at all.

Some people are even paying for the privilege of being in business.

If you're looking to build a following for your photography business without a plan, you are absolutely doing Instagram wrong.

It's not your fault. Everything out there online - all of the courses and the articles - is geared towards helping people find a global following for their business, to be an Insta Influencer, to get as many people to see their posts as possible.

You don't want everyone to see your posts. You want the RIGHT people to see your posts.


The Right People

Who are those people? The people that are going to book you! Your future clients!

Followers do not equal money in the bank, but Clients? They bring in the bling bling! Clients equal money in the bank!

As a professional photographer, you are a local business owner. The majority of your clients? They are local to you.

(Yes, yes, destination work is amazing. I'm actually in Southern France right now on an assignment as I write this. The majority of my clients are still from my local market.)

Humble brag moment here, I've generated over six figures in sales every year for the past 12 years as a photographer using the power of social media and a LOCAL business focus, and I've helped many others hit their financial goals using these same strategies.

For several years, when asked by others how I did it? I credited my blog. Then I started analyzing my data (and my coaching client's data) and I looked at where the clients were coming from, and realized that the majority of the leads were via local social media connections!

A giant light bulb went off!

Instead of struggling to get traction & attention globally, you need to shift Local. (Which is something that none of the courses out there are teaching!)


Go InstaLocal with your 18 Minute Strategy!

Are you ready for things like the Instagram algorithm and that elusive "shadowban" to be a thing of the past for you?

Here are three things you can do TODAY to start to rock the Local connection on Instagram!

  1. Location in Profile: I know this might seem obvious, but you'd be amazed how often I see people skipping this. Include where you are located. Saying that you "Photograph puppies in Paris" is awesome, but WHICH Paris? Paris, France? Paris, Texas? Paris, Kentucky?People make snap decisions online, and if they can't figure out where you are located quickly and easily, they will move on. Tell them that you're Local!

  2. Connect with Others: Instagram is your storefront. Imagine if you never talked to the business owner next door to yours?! That would be strange. Use Instagram to connect and engage with other Local business owners.If your future clients follow their account, they will see you commenting on the posts and will come to check you out. It is an easy way to build up credibility with the audience you desire to have following you.

  3. Use Local Hashtags: When using hashtags that everyone in the world is using, there is no chance that your clients might ever see you. Think local & increase the chance that you will be found by roughly 1 million percent. (Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. You get the point though.)For example, #photographer has 147 million posts, and #houstonphotographer has 812,000 posts. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post; research local hashtags that people are using, and pick 5-10 to use per post that align with your message.


These three steps will help you get started to get in front of the Local clients you've been looking for, but there is so much more that you can do!

When you implement this, congratulations! I'm so excited for you! Implementing these three things is a great start.

There is so much more to this and generating the leads & sales for your business ASAP that no one is teaching you.

It's like having the keys to the car without having a map.

In the InstaLocal course, I take the lessons I've learned and the methods I've developed and teach people how to crush their photography business with leads & sales in ONLY 18 minutes a day.

If you're ready to finally make Instagram work for your business, and you have 18 minutes a day, come and join us in InstaLocal! I will help you develop your own customized strategy to bring in leads and clients and hit that six figure mark in your photography business!

Written by Christine Tremoulet


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