3 keys to owning your photography brand

Mar 5, 2021

Topic: Branding
Time Investment: 18 minutes
Suggested Product: Own Your Brand

Getting into business to make money off a craft you love is exhilarating, fun..but also overwhelming.  There is no getting around the legal tools needed to help protect you, your photography and your clients.  

While setting up a legal photography business has many moving parts – primarily in three major phases.

  • The Legal Triad – liability protection to protect yourself personally
  • A Legal Photo Client Timeline – the chronological and proper use of contracts
  • Owning Your Brand – protecting the intellectual property we depend on

In this video,  we are target on making sure you truly own your brand. 

There is no sense in working so hard to create a brand, market yourself and set your business apart if you're going to not use legal tools to protect it.

Failing to protect yourself with trademarks, copyright and intellectual property assignments can lead to:

  • a forced rebrand in the future
  • loss of clients due to confusion
  • competitor's negative reputation impart on you
  • and more!

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