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7 Ways Photographers Can Utilize Online Forms For Efficiency
If you’re like most photographers, you’ve long ago figured out that the best part of being a professional isn’t trying to find new clients or manage requests; it’s taking pictures. But still, you can’t be a successful photographer without dirtying your hands with the everyday operational aspects of running a business. So consider an online form builder as a one-stop shop for creating online contracts, managing client intake, handling model...
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Top 10 Tools for Your Photography Business
I’ve searched high and low, near and far…okay…so I haven’t. I just sat down on my monthly admin day and made a list of some of my absolute favorite, must-have tools to help my business run smoothly. Besides having a (shameless plug) lawyer-drafted, photographer-approved photography contract from TheLawTog®, I recommend these for your business in the new year! BlogStomp & AlbumStomp These two INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE and easy to use software programs...
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8 tools TheLawTog has that I bet you didn't know you need...
Choosing what you need to protect and grow your business is overwhelming.  At TheLawTog® we have TONS Of tools from contracts to tax tools and business guides. I wanted to share with you some business tools that were created just for photographers…but many of you don’t know about.   These are items that have arisen out of needs I’ve seen come through my inbox.    I wanted to share with...
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You don't have to do this, You get to.
  It has probably happened to every single one of us.  You wake up one morning, open your Facebook feed or Instagram and see an amazing photograph that someone has posted. Sometimes, the photograph is a share and you can trace it back to the original source.  Other times, someone has just copied someone else’s photograph and pasted it on their feed and made a comment about it.  No attribution…no...
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Building Business Affiliations For Your Photography Business
Have you ever noticed when you’re out in public that crowds tend to gather? Traffic backs up for no reason in certain spots? This is because humans are creatures who naturally want and gravitate towards companionship. To be around the group and others – even if subsconciously. If you look around the world you’ll see natural pairings and companionships in various places. Even most animals approach life together in schools and flocks.   This is...
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