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Resources include free photography contract information, photographer/lawyer created contracts, 1:1 help, webinars, articles and podcasts!

However… you may still need some guidance on where to find other tools and photography business ideas.  

 Here is a list of recommendations!  Some links go to support the site, others are just recommended products/services to help you.  All items listed here have been reviewed and are recommended for use by TheLawTog.


Free Tools


Business Tools


Wedding Photographer Resources


Payment Tools

Boudoir Photographer Resources


Online Booking Services

Facebook Ads

  • AdEspresso – Put your Facebook Ads on autopilot!


Pinterest Automation

Management Workflow Programs


Automatic Social Media Publishing Tools

Digital Contract Signing Tools


Blogging/Album Design Software:

BlogStomp & Album Stomp

Landing Pages

WordPress Support Programs

Portfolio Building Tools


Pricing Tools


Client Products



Photography Tutorials (Shooting, Photoshop)




Branding & Marketing Templates


Business iPad Applications

  • Preveal – Custom create client wall galleries with their own walls in the picture! See: Sales Strategy with an iPad
  • YouProof – In Person sales app to help you identify keepers, rejections, sizes, etc.
  • DocuSign Ink – Can import The Law Tog contracts into this app and have your clients sign the iPad!



Education (Hands-on & eBook)






Actions & Photoshop Plugins



Non-pro Lab Products


Marketing Materials


Back-Up Processes



Galleries & Mobile Apps (For clients)

  • Shootproof – Online gallery with print fulfillment, mobile apps, “passing” of photos, etc.
  • Sticky Albums – mobile apps


SEO Help


Website Templates


Hosting & Domains


WordPress Plugins

  • Gravity Forms – great for client questionnaires, contracts, etc.
  • Yoast SEO – Helps to boost your SEO by giving a “score” for each blog post
  • Pippity – Pop up window or bar for to get clients to subscribe to your newsletter list!
  • Session Cam WordPress Plugin to monitor where you audience reads on the actual page


Bags & Equipment



  • Expodisc – Great for setting exposure and white balance!
  • Fotostrap – Leather strap – can be custom made
  • Rapid Strap – Across the body strap – great for weddings!




What’s in my bag?


Professional Services

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Almost all of these attorney’s can work via online with you.  TheLawTog donates time to help consult on your photography business needs with these attorneys.