Is Rachel the right business consultant for you?

Rachel Brenke is a lawyer, photographer, business consultant and social media marketing strategist.  She is a barred attorney who holds a law degree, Masters in Business Administration (with an emphasis in Marketing), and a Masters in Human Services.    Prior to becoming a business consultant she began three online apparel stores that are self-sustaining and profitable today. She currently runs a photography business and legal/business consulting firm simultaneously.

Since starting her online webcourses and 1:1 she has consulted with over a thousand photographers in all stages of business. Last year’s mentorship program was such a success as the group bonded, progressed and resulted in photographers quitting full time positions to pursue photography full time and others opening studios.

Speaking engagements in the photography industry include Creative Live, WPPI Expo & Convention, Seniors Ignite and more to be announced!

What type of consulting services are available?

How do the consulting sessions/program work?

  • Attendance: In-person, Skype/Phone or Chat!

    Topics: Ask anything ask everything! If you do not have specific questions I will custom create a mentoring outline

    • Website review
    • Marketing assistance
    • Business Planning
    • Photo critiques
    • Anything!

    Restrictions: There are no location restrictions, however, all mentees will be required to sign a mentoring non-compete and non-disclosure agreement and are bound by federal copyright laws.  NO legal advice will be provided through consulting sessions.  Guidance to find the answers will be given and analysis as a business consultant will be provided.

    For skype: Most current version of Skype and high speed internet connection – unless we go the phone call route!

    What you will receive: 

    • Assessment of issues in your business & proposed remedies
    • Actionable items to work on & email support by Rachel to help you implement these actions
    • Ask-All Tell-All No-Holds barred advice
    • No sugar coating, straight talk

    To Register: Check out below and all specifics for times will be discussed after registration

A la carte Consulting Sessions

These are ask-all tell-all skype or phone sessions including help on business formations, marketing and other related business needs!

You will receive action items to work on during the call – you still receive 1:1 help via email after these are completed.  I don’t leave ya hanging!

If you have any questions please contact Rachel:

*Note: Discount codes are not good for consulting services.

60 Min 1:1

Consulting Services
399 One time

90 Min 1:1

Consulting Services
449 One time

What are people saying?

[testimonial author_name=”Bailie” author_preline=”Photographer at” author_company=”RBM Photography” author_quote=”I have had the privilege of meeting Rachel in person at a workshop that she hosted in Texas, that was March of 2012. Since then I have taken 3 of her online workshops and was lucky enough to win a spot in her MentorMe 2013 program! It amazes me that this mother of 3 (soon to be 4) manages not just a photography business but a mentoring business as well! I can only imagine how busy she is and yet she always makes time to answer my emails about anything from the small ‘I am worried about my next session’ to the big ‘breech of contract’ emails and everything in between. She is always full of reassurance, solid advice and usually a funny remark to make me feel all better again.

Rachel takes a personal interest in the businesses that she is helping others to build and never makes you feel like just another phone call to make. Her genuine interest is what has given me the confidence to go forward with my sometimes crazy ideas and be successful! I honestly cannot thank her enough for the confidence and tools that she has given me over the nearly two years that I have known her. I can only hope to make good use of all of these things and make her proud of me!

If you have an opportunity to take one of Rachel’s online courses, in person workshops or one on one mentor sessions I highly recommend doing just that!”][testimonial author_name=”Jerry Tomko” author_preline=”Photographer at” author_company=”Gerard Tomko Photography” author_quote=”Being a professional photographer for 32 years, i was reluctant to get a 1:1 session with anyone that I did not know or heard of. I stumbled upon Rachel’s site and contacted here and well………….the rest is history. She has been a huge help to me, opening my eyes to things and ideas that I never thought of in a ” common sense approach”. Not only has she been great with my 1:1 session, she also has been there for me to listen, to email me ( and vice versa), to stay in touch and to be honest her information has been invaluable to me moving forward. I found a great person to help me with business issues that I can also call a FRIEND.”][testimonial author_name=”Kimberly” author_preline=”Photographer at ” author_company=”Candidly Inspired Photography” author_quote=”I have called upon mentoring with Rachel at several stages of my business! At each mentoring session that we shared, I always felt rejuvenated and ready to hit the ground running! I can say, without a doubt, that Rachel has wisdom beyond her years for those starting their journey! Her energy and education in all facets of the photography business has helped me get to where I am today. I remember our first 1:1 mentoring session like it was yesterday! I was ready to call it quits and close the doors on my business! Not only was her encouragement and heartfelt desire to see me succeed enough to make me buckle down; I was able to do it with a passion that had been BURIED by my own insecurities and ignorance of the business world! I know for certain that as my business continues to grow and unfold; I will call upon Rachel and her mentorship to help me reach my next goal and aspirations! Thank you Rachel for your willingness to inspire and help others achieve their dreams with passion and all the tools necessary!””][testimonial author_name=”Sarah Severson” author_preline=”Photographer at” author_company=”Sarah Severson Photography” author_quote=”I did a mentoring session with Rachel in December after I was feeling a bit burned out from the summer/fall busy season. I really appreciated Rachel’s honest and open candor about different pricing models and finding a happy place for me and my clients, and after our call, I was grateful with how she helped me keep a good perspective on what could be some good changes for my business without scaring away the clients who return each year. I highly recommend her services!”]

Legal Disclaimer

*This is for business consulting services ONLY – NO legal advice will be given.


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