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Just Released: Destination Wedding Photography Contract

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This agreement covers all of the pertinent areas any photography business owners should have to cover themselves legally for a wedding.

Includes provisions such as:

  • coverage
  • payment schedule
  • completion schedule
  • provided meal
  • copyright
  • rescheduling
  • cancellation
  • travel requirements
  • artistic rights, etc.

Does not include a model release. Must be purchased separately.

These contract forms are not state specific as they are drafted on general contract principles and experience as a photography business owner.  They come in .doc format to readily tailor to your business-specific policies.

Snag yours here

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Get more money without raising your photography prices!

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Sometimes you feel you just can’t increase your photography prices anymore.  It feels like the bubble has about burst and you just can’t do it.  After you’ve done your proper market analysis and have eliminated the idea of fear holding you back – move to looking at how you can make more money with what you already have instead of increasing prices more.


1. Cut your costs

Identify leaking money – such as subscriptions, overspending on props/actions, and other money going to items that are giving you low return on investment.  Cutting costs lowers your CODB and increases your profit margin like *snap*!

Make sure you even know your costs though – if you don’t make sure you get it all into a system whether an Accounting SpreadSheets or a Pricing Guide Spreadsheet.


2. Change your legal structure

Consider moving into a legal structure with a better tax benefit.  Generally Sole Proprietors are wide open for liability and have little tax benefit. Consider moving to an LLC or Corporation. If you’re already an LLC then maybe a S Corp Federal election can help reduce tax liability.  Get 1:1 help on this here


3. Use deadlines and fees in your contract

Always put client’s feet to the fire. Get your money in a reasonable time with a deadline and potential penalty.  The more time you have to spend chasing after a client to order the less money you’re putting into pocket and more time taking away from securing inquiries.  If you aren’t using a Photography Contract snag one here and get more legal info in TheLawTog’s free ebook here.


4. Automate and get efficient!

Implement strategies into your workflow that reduce your time so you’re making more money.  Reservation booking pages, hands-on email templates, and other tools can help you to consistently deliver information and increase your time saved to increase money earned.


5. Follow up with past inquiries

Tap into these people.  Ask them if they are interested still – encourage them to stay engaged with your social media site and blog features.  The more they see you in their inbox, the more your name is searing (branded!) into their mind and the more likely you are to convert them into paying clients.  You didn’t pay money to get them (Or if you did that money is already spent) may as well maximize your exposure to them.    Take The Modern Tog’s approach to portfolio building (affiliate link) while making money with these past inquiries and you’ve definitely succeeded in making more money without raising prices!


Have any more ways to maximize money without raising prices? Leave them in the comments! I would love to hear them!


gears300-95x95Want more awesome 1:1 help?

Bizrevamp – the biz webcourse for photographers- closes registration tomorrow. Snag your spot here!

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Newly Released: Senior Graduate Representative Kit

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Kick off your Senior Representative Program each year with confidence in the legitimacy of your agreements and confidence in the forms you’re using! Pair this with awesome marketing materials and you’re set for a rocking Senior Representative Program!

This Kit includes:

  • Senior Representative Contract
  • 4×6 Marketing Card Templates (front and back) (.psd)
  • 4 Tri-fold Brochure Templates (.psd)
  • Senior Rep Questionnaire


The Senior Graduate Representative Photography Contract outlines requirements, expectations and contractual provisions needed for having a Senior Rep Program!

Provisions include:

  • duration
  • what they will receive (fully editable for you!)
  • fulfillment of duties
  • adult responsibility for presence & communications
  • ethics standard of reps
  • and more!
  • This template is drafted with multiple options for you to choose from to suit your business needs!


Snag your kit here


BizRevamp -Revamp Your Biz This Summer Giveaway

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In honor of the relaunch for the ever-popular BizRevamp webcourse here is an awesome giveaway to help you REVAMP your biz!.

BizRevamp is THE biz webcourse for photographers with tons of information on formation, taxes, insurance, contracts and more!

The course is so awesome because each student receives:

  • 8 modules of lessons including business formation, taxes, insurance, contracts, client management, website management and bonuses!
  • Students get lifetime access to all Module lessons with videos, transcripts, downloadable handouts, checklists, and audio files to keep.
  • Plus each student can submit for 1:1 feedback on lessons that will have personalized advice delivered via podcast to your inbox.
  • Not to mention the exclusive community for only BizRevamp students to help facilitate marketing networks and business assistance.

So ready to help me celebrate the return?

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How to Set Up a Photography Business (the right way!)

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Setting up business is so super important! We need to make sure you’re on the right path!


Biz 101 Checklist

Here is a superficial business checklist to get you on the path to getting your business set up properly!

  • Choose a nameMake sure you’re not violating any Federal or State trademarks, as well as ensuring your name is available.  Don’t want to get kicked out of business for a mere issue with name.  Sometimes adding “photography” to the end of your name requires a submission of legal form!!


  • Choose a structure (Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corp)You can choose from Sole Proprietor, LLC, C Corp, S corp and Partnership structures.  Choose the one that fits your plan – not just what everyone else is doing!


  • Make the appropriate tax elections with the IRS (if applicable)You could be saving more money on your Income Taxes through special elections – be sure you’re doing it!  (See more on Taxes here)


  • Get your sales tax permit - Remit your sales taxes if applicable and be sure you know WHAT products and/or services to charge on.  Careful if you’re doing all inclusive collections without breaking out sales tax that may be a state law no-no!


  • Get other appropriate license and permits for your jurisdiction - Don’t get shut down for simply not getting the right licenses and permits for shooting.  Licenses can include extra business licenses on top of your formation.  Permits can be for specific shooting areas (see Shooting on Private Property)


  • Set up your EIN and Employer account  (if applicable) - Make sure you’re in line with the IRS and State law requirements – get these down!




  • Set up your budget and retirement savingsEvery business needs a budget and appropriate retirement savings. Get these accounts set up!


  • Get an appropriate price listMake sure you’re actually pricing for success – don’t just fly by the seat of your pants!


Don’t forget you also need the appropriate web presence, client management and other aspects to drive your business to success!


Need more help?



  • BizRevamp –    Snag yourself a spot in BizRevamp for in depth information and 1:1 assistance on all of this!


BizRevamp is THE biz webcourse for photographers – Get info or Enroll Now!