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Legal Sales Tools Photographers Need

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Last time we chatted about Making Sales Without Being Salesy - but you know me – I can’t let sales pass on by without discussing some of the legalities.    
Here is a good brief run down on the tools for helping sales:
  • Portrait Contract and Model Release - This governs the relationship between Client and Photographer. This will lay the foundation for sales by having provisions (if drafted right!) about completion schedules, ordering deadlines, etc.   The model release is the specific form giving the Photographer rights to use images for marketing purposes.


  • Final Sale Agreement -  This document is done on the ordering session day and acts to inform the client of a final sale and waive any Cooling Off Laws that could allow a client to change their mind – even if just for buyers remorse!  


  • Album Design Agreement - This agreement is super important when you are spending lots of cost-of-goods on items, particularly an album that can be hundreds of dollars out of your pocket.  I like to have an acceptance of the proof design by clients prior to ordering. 


  • Product Delivery Agreement - This agreement is a written acceptance of all products after the Client has had the opportunity to view them.  This is especially helpful to prevent any potential “I didn’t get X product” statements after you have delivered the complete order. 

Here is a visual timeline to help you understand how it all works together!


client timeline
All of these aren’t necessarily needed as it depends on your client’s order and your business policies.  Just keep in mind you want to prevent issues instead of trying to fix them later.

Outlining all expectations ahead of time in writing is a great way to keep expectations clear and provides a foundation for optimal customer service.

Rachel Brenke
www.thelawtog.comp.s. Don’t forget to snag the Salesographer/TheLawTog bundle before it ends September 25th. This includes all the Salesographer video tools + TheLawTog Portrait Contract + TheLawTog Model release.  Read more here.

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New: Volunteer Photography Contract

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This agreement includes contractual provisions needed to outline a NON-PAID – COMPLETELY VOLUNTEER photographer and organization for either coverage of an event or individualized shots.

Comes with an Organization Informational Sheet to compile all Organization data.

 Includes provisions such as:

  • coverage (services and products/images provided)
  • timeline
  • volunteer status
  • artistic rights
  • construction
  • indemnification
  • permits
  • and more!

All contracts are lawyer/photographer drafted and come in .doc files for easy editing and copy/paste into digital format for digital contracts.

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The most successfully FAILED marketing idea ever

The most successfully FAILED marketing idea ever

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So yesterday I wrote tips about marketing for the fall because… Clients are buying photography NOW.  
They are in tune with marketing of photography services now more than ever – why? They are READY to be sold to. They are READY to hire photographers.  Because Christmas is only 15 weeks away. They know the marketing is coming. They are receptive to it.
It is time to go full steam ahead. But I want to share with you guys something that was a complete FAILURE that lead to complete SUCCESS for the fall.
Also – don’t forget about the special call that Sarah Petty is running for my peeps, that’s you! Information at the bottom.
Rachel’s Successful Failure
A few months ago I marketed a commercial head shot event.  It was an open-house at the studio – totally last minute and thrown together.
Really not something I’d like to admit but I am BECAUSE you will see that how I handled it later made it successful. So even if you’ve only halfway approached marketing activities there is still time to save them!
Not a single person showed up. I was okay with it because I had planned to work at studio all day anyways. I was only out my “marketing time” at this point – since all of the backdrops, lights, etc. were already in my ownership.   So on the surface, since I sat in my office working away, on the outside it looked like a failure right?
Wrong. It was more successful than any facebook ads or social media marketing I could’ve done. All year. Combined.
By reaching out to local businesses to solicit their attention to this event the following benefits occurred:
  • Contact Marketing - I put myself in their path to open up for potential joint marketing activities (hello – whole new market of people advertising FOR me!).  I now have 5+ local business partners who are actively marketing for me by placing my information in client welcome packets for their offices.
  • Show me the money! - Booked exclusive ‘in office’ commerical shoots at a higher monetary rate (and less time than sitting in the studio).  All of these interested commercial offices were wanting and needing headshots but guess what? They couldn’t all leave their office to come to my studio in the middle of the day – and their employees really didn’t want to do a weekend right? So we set up for me to go to them at a time convenient for them, at a higher monetary rate.  So instead of the reduced rate and impersonal service they would’ve received in the studio, they are now getting custom made commerical photographs in their environment, on their time schedule – but they are working for it with the dollars.
  • Show me even more money! - By simply following up with the non-booked offices, as well as the booked commercial clients,  I was able to convert them into portrait shoots FOR THE FALL SEASON!  So not only did the whammo of good commercial money come in the door – the conversion to portrait clients was successful – so essentially I got paid to market right? Yessirreee!


Are you working commercial work? Make sure you are protected with commercial contracts!


So on the outside it looked like I floundered right? I knew what my goals were – If someone showed up on the open-house head-shot day, wonderful. If not – I had ulterior motives, I didn’t “lose” anything.  Even if you have NO desire to offer commercial sessions consider implementing the actions I used post-”failed”-headshot day:
Follow up, Partnership and Offer a Custom Exclusive Collection just for them.
All of these are going to lay the foundation for incoming flow of clients and cash now – and set you up for flow later!
Okay so enough from me… go out. do great. don’t forget about this call coming up tomorrow!
Sarah Petty Does TheLawTog
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If you don’t know Sarah – she’s a top-dog in the photography industry with one of the most profitable photography studios in the country according to Professional Photographers of America (PPA).   
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“See” you there?
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5 Tips to Successful Photography Portfolio Building

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Portfolio building is a great way to get your photography business off the ground, propelled into offering a new type of photography or simply getting yourself out of a rut by getting creative.   However, in order for portfolio building to be successful for you there are come key things to understand. 


How can I portfolio build?

Oh man - there are so many different things you can do!  You don’t have to call it portfolio building or even a model call – use other language!

  • Model call – “I am in need of two models…”
  • Session type call – “Seeking a couple for an awesome sunrise session….”
  • Freebie gift sessions – “Looking to gift some awesome clients with a free session…”


Does portfolio building have to be free?

No way! You can charge regular prices to “build” up a portfolio – if you’re able to provide a consistent and quality result for those that will be engaging your services.  Just because one puts out a model call out doesn’t mean that you have to give the images away.

Consider though – going for free model calls can be a GREAT way to learn your camera and client interactions before being on the hook for all the business stuff (formation, taxes) and money complications (See: My ultimate photography business checklist). When money is involved the pressure goes up – are you ready for it?


5 Key Tips to Successful Portfolio Building

  • Don’t pull a bait and switch – Let the model know up front if there are any costs involved and what the compensation for their modeling will be
  • Always require a model release – While paying clients may decline a model release (see: What if my client doesn’t want to sign a model release?) but that defeats the purpose of portfolio building so GET THE RELEASE BEFORE SHOOTING.
  • Make a game plan - Don’t just show up at the session and shoot. Make a game plan and be purposeful. You have a model who is at YOUR beck and call – make the most of it.
  • Set expectations – Set expectations with your models through communication (including a contract!) NEVER EVER Shoot without a contract. Ever. Contracts help to prevent issues, outline expectations and give a legal leg to stand on if issues occur.
  • Publish the heck outta it- Are you proud of it? Have plans for those images more than sitting in your portfolio.  Get onto your social media feeds, website, and feature it on your blog!


How do I legally protect myself?

Make sure you have the proper insurance and contractual protections.  For contracts make sure you use these documents to educate and protect:

  • Model Call Photography Contract – to govern the core of the modeling transaction (whether they are compensated with money, products or nothing at all!)
  • Photography Contract + Model Release - for the portfolio building sessions that are still regular sessions – treat is as such!
  • Print Release – make sure you’re giving a print release with ANY files that are transferred, whether they were purchased for monetarily by the model/client or given as compensation for modeling


Additional Portfolio Building Resources

Profitable Portfolio Builder by TheModernTog